Engaging Marketing Games – 007 style


What an awesome way for Coke to engage with its customers! It reminded us of how much we love it when instead of companies telling us why we should buy their products and services at times when we don’t really want to listen, they actually make us open to being promoted to – by asking us to do a fun activity we don’t want to say no too!

This can work on a smaller scale too for atomic business. Do you have any events, expos, networking sessions or talks coming up? If you have a chance to talk in front of a group of people, instead of simply ‘talking’ put together a fun activity that people will want to partake in, then teach them about your brand while they are willing listeners!

All business can use this strategy to get noticed in their market, build up their brand name, and make a name for doing something differently.

We took this on board at an expo we attended recently, booking out a Cyclone Machine as a fun activity. Check out this photo of everybody watching below…


ACTION: Have a think about a fun game or activity you could ask people to participate in at the next event you are at.

ACTION: Do you have a business premises with passing trade? Could you incorporate a fun game to get passers by attention?


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