Entrepreneurs Make Their Own Luck – How to Build your Dream Client Base

This post is going to be inspirational than some others, but that’s just because we are passionate about everyone on here. You have so much potential, and we hope you can take something from this to make it all happen.

Just the fact that you are on here already says a lot, in fact you should give yourself a pat on the back. Go ahead do it – make sure no one is watching first 😉

We’re sure you have heard the phrase ‘Entrepreneurs make their own luck’, and in that vain, todays lesson is this:

If you want something to happen, make it happen.

Don’t sit back and complain that it doesn’t exist or doesn’t work, just get it done, make it happen, create.

If you can’t find the perfect networking group, start your own.

If you want to mingle amongst other great businesses and build your high profile network, start your own awards show.

If you want to speak to the worlds leading experts, get in touch with them, start a podcast even where you interview your stars.

The point is you can make it happen.

We know a guy who started a networking group because he didn’t like other networking groups and wanted to get his business out there to new people. He invited them all to his networking group where they warmed to him and bought from him. He is now the proud owner of a national networking group and is the number 1 motivational UK speaker.

We ourselves wanted to meet other young entrepreneurs with similar interests and ambitions to ourselves. Very quickly we built a connected networking group of 300 young entrepreneurs. It’s still growing now, check it out: www.freshnetworking.biz

Have you ever thought, ‘I wish there was a example group that did example…’? Is there something that you have been complaining about or wish existed? e.g. are you a business coach that wants to meet Managing Directors, but can’t find a group of them, make your own group! It will give you an ‘in’ to talk to these people in a non salesy pushy way. In a way where they will respect you and be willing to here what you have to say. And that is the most important part of this. You can build something where your target market respect you. This positioning is powerful stuff and puts you ahead of your competition immediately.

ACTION: Think about what you would like to create and who you would like to meet.

ACTION: Approach a few people to see if they would be interested if it existed. If you get some positive feedback, go set it up and make a difference!