Extremely Simple Email Campaign That Will Get you Business This Week

This is a very simple and effective email campaign that can get you business from straight away!

Here’s the principal idea:
Send out an email to your list (click here if you don’t know how to build your list) and then looking back at the stats find out who has shown the most interest and simply follow that up with a call.

Step 1: The email

Create and email campaign using something like Mailchimp or Aweber with links to your blog. This is important because you will need to look at the stats and who has clicked on which links. Included in the email there needs to be 3 different qualifying links (potentially to your blog) at least. What do we mean by ‘qualifying’, well it is important to know where people are in respect to the buying cycle i.e. are they not interested, fairly interested, very keen but unsure? By segmenting these people you can work out who you need to nurture more and who you need to just sign up because they are ready to buy.

Here is an example of three different levels of interest qualifying article links:

If not interested they won’t click on anything so you need something interesting to capture interest like an article on; ‘Top ten marketing fails’.

If remotely interested they may want to know a bit more about your company or the features and benefits; ‘atomic Case study: How one guy used atomic to make an extra £5,000 in a week’ or ‘Top ten reasons to use atomic’.

If they are really interested but just need a final push, then they click on something like; ‘What to expect when you sign up to atomic, all FAQs answered’.

Now do you see just how much this can work to find out who’s interested in buying from you? All of those people who clicked on that third link have just qualified themselves as being interested in the offering, and now it is time to pounce.

Side note: at this point if you want, it would also be a great idea to set up automated email series to the people that clicked on that third link. But let’s keep this simple for now.

Step 2: Check the stats!

Once you have sent the email give it around 24-48hrs but no longer than three days to check the stats. On most email marketing platforms you can see who has clicked on your link and what they have clicked on and even how many times they have clicked on the links amongst other stats. Pretty great right. Here’s how to get to it on Mailchimp.


Step 3: Follow up calls.

As you can see in this example, this person has clicked on the link 3 times anad shows sa strong amount of interest. Time to pounce… Give them a call and give them the nudge!

Remember, don’t just call them and say, “hey I have been stalking you on my email stats, do you want to buy?” That will just put people off! Instead ask them if they got your newsletter and if they read ‘xyz’ article, and ask them what they thought. This is your time to listen and find out what is holding them back from buying – it’s usually something minor!

Don’t think of this as a tough call or a hard sell, remember they are on your list for a reason, and they have clicked on the right link for a reason too. If you really don’t want to call then consider hiring a telesales person to do it for you.

If you do not have their number and you can’t find it out, then give them a personal email from yourself.

There you have it! Quick and easy and effective.

ACTION: Follow these 3 steps to success! At the very, very least you must create some qualifying content. Even if you don’t follow these steps it will still be beneficial for you to do many other reasons, like making it clear in your head, if potential customers read it then it may tip them over the edge, and you can also use it for remarketing purposes.