Facebook Algorithm Explained 2019 | Get Insane Reach!

Frustrated by a lack of reach and engagement on Facebook? Do you want the Facebook algorithm explained?

We’re going to CONCISELY explain just what the Facebook algorithm is and how it works… then we’ll explain how you can use this knowledge to get insane reach!

Our two groundbreaking theories will help you get your posts to spread like wildfire! 🔥

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We know it can be frustrating for your page posts to be seen by hardly anyone so we want to give you two groundbreaking theories to help you reach more people with your posts.

In this video 👆we concisely explain what the Facebook algorithm is and how it works… then we explain how you can use that knowledge to get your posts to spread like wildfire! 🔥

Why does Facebook need an algorithm?

Now, the problem Facebook has is that at any one time when you log in, there are thousands of posts from all your friends and pages you like that it COULD show you.

If it was chronological then it would be so fast-paced and you’d have to scroll through tonnes of boring posts from old school friends that you don’t even like anymore before seeing anything of interest… and you’d probably miss all the best stuff too.

So rather than being chronological, Facebook ranks each post using an algorithm to decide what posts to show you when you log in.

How does the algorithm work?

Facebook relies on a lot of signals to decide whether or not a post will show up in your news feed… things like time posted, interests, past engagement with previous posts, whether your friends like it, time others have spent on the post, interaction with the post, and so on.

The stronger these signals are, the higher ranked that post will be, and the more people will see it in their timeline as it’s pushed upwards.

And it kinda spreads too, this is almost how we see it…

If you post something, Facebook will only show it to your close friends first, the people who engage with you the most.

If they scroll by it and don’t interact, then it stops there and Facebook doesn’t put it in the timelines of other people.

But, if that first core audience does start to interact, then Facebook will show it to the next ring of people, and if they interact it will start to show it to the next ring, and so forth. This is how things go ‘viral’.

It also means that if you’re a page wanting to get more reach, those first few interactions are crucial. They are your hardcore fans who kickstart your engagement and initial reach.

Which leads us to an important concept and our first theory.

Nurture your kickstarters 

The success of your reach long term depends on having that first ring of people always engaging first. When they do, Facebook will start to show your post to the outer rings.

So our question to you is this… how do you nurture those people?

If someone comments on your post or shares it or direct messages you to say how good it was… what do you do?

If you’re one of these people who just replies with a thumbs up or ‘thanks’, it won’t encourage them to engage again next time. You’ve just lost a potential kickstarter 😲

You need to engage back and start building relationships. These kickstarters will be the backbone of your success on Facebook.

The second theory we have is this..,

To get shared on Facebook, you don’t need to be shared

The physical act of hitting the share button isn’t necessary for you to be ‘shared’ and reach new people.

Yes, a human can share your post with their friends which is great, but more importantly – engagement equals being shared by the algorithm.

We see proof of this when we have people liking and commenting on our page who don’t even follow us – despite not getting any shares on those posts they are commenting on.

And this is crucial for you to understand if you want engagement, reach and more likes to your Facebook page.

Essentially the biggest factor of the algorithm that you can control is engagement.

Feel free to watch our video on post ideas to get more reach at this point, because it will help you to understand you can engineer your content to get more engagement.

Engage back!

The more of a discussion you can get going in the comments, the more reach you will get, but also more importantly – the more relationships you will build too.

And that, at the end of the day, is what Facebook wants.

So remember, nurture your kickstarters to get long term success, and to get shared on Facebook, you don’t need to be shared, you just need to be engaging!