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We wanted to share with you our best Facebook Live tips to help you get massive reach, hold attention, get engagement… and most importantly let you in on some killer tips of how we get leads and sales from Facebook Live too.

Firstly, does the thought of doing a Facebook Live sound incredibly daunting to you?

Or super exciting?!

Let us know in the comments!

We share all our Facebook Live tips in this video, but if you prefer to read, keep scrolling.


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We want to show you some Facebook Live tips that we have used personally that have provided us with immensely rewarding connections with our audiences, insane reach and engagement on our fb page

Plus a dramatic impact on our page likes, email and bot subscribers and sales.

Facebook Live Tips

We wanted to bring you this video because we feel like people have been mis sold the dream, going live ISN’T the answer.

If you’re not prepared, not confident, and the content is poor, the results of the FB live will also be poor.

You’re not going to get amazing reach and engagement just because you are going live. In fact we see a lot of Facebook lives completely flopping & getting no interaction or reach…

& No-one wants content crickets!

So in this blog we want to show you 16 quick-fire Facebook Live tips, to rock with Facebook live so that you can confidently produce some amazing amazing content that does connect with your audience, grow your page and subscribers and lead to sales.

1. Make it Replay-able.

Remember a lot of your views will come from replay viewers. Even though it is quick and easy to do, we want you to think about WHAT your live is going to achieve. What value is it going to give the audience, and what do YOU want from it to. Don’t go LIVE for the sake of going LIVE.

2. Focus on LIVE Engagement.

The awesome thing about LIVE is you can have discussions with your viewers, so ASK for their input, BUT don’t be one of those people who stops mid-flow to welcome Brenda onto the live – it’s distracting, and annoying for replay viewers. Have specific points in your live to talk to your viewers, and welcome people on.

3. Have a flattering set-up.

Please please please have a flattering set up – you don’t want too much space above your head, and try hold your phone up at eye level or even better…

4. Use your Desktop.

Going live from your desktop gives you a better connection a better camera angle and is stabilised plus it allows you to use extra third party tools…

5. Use External Tools.

Third-party tools such as BeLive, eCamm for Mac, OBS Studios, Wirecast all allow you to have that extra production quality on your Facebook lives.

It allows you to bring on guests, graphics, text, call to actions, logos, images, timers and all manner of things to make your Facebook Live much more engaging.

If you want to know more about that check out Ian Anderson Gray’s courses about how to use these Facebook Live tools.

6. Have the BEST Connection Possible.

There’s nothing worse than a bad connection, sort it out, use a wire not the wi-fi if possible, turn off anything else using bandwidth… live dropbox, or anything syncing to the cloud.

7. Promote your live beforehand.

You live videos need to be so good that you can happily promote them ahead of time. That’s the goal here. It also helps with TIP 1 – if you have a purpose… you can promote much easily.

8. Pump yourself up beforehand.

To perform your best on camera whilst live, do some stretches beforehand, some yodelling, listen to your favourite music, whatever it takes to get you pumped up.

9. Start with a Bang.

Please please please do not start your Facebook Live waiting for people to join in. That will kill your replay viewers. A cool thing IAG and Julia Bramble do on the Free Range Social Show is start by welcoming replay viewers, because they’re the only ones who see the initial few moments.

10. Be Prepared with all you need.

Have a few bullet points wrote down ready so that you know what you’re talking about plus have any links handy ready to copy and paste into the Facebook comments. Preparation is Key to a confident live show.

11. Keep the Energy Up & Keep on Point.

Whilst live you will lose your energy and you will go off Topic. Have a little reminder or a sticky note to make sure you keep on Focus and your energy levels high throughout.

12. Source Topics and Questions.

Our most engaged live show ever without a doubt was one where we had pre-populated questions from our audience around a certain subject.

We knew that the live show would be would go down really really well with our audience because we were answering their specific questions.

13. Get Live Subscribers with a Bot.

You can use a bot to call action in your live shows by telling people to type in the word subscribe for reminders about future shows. Using bots is literally the best thing we ever did on Facebook you will not regret using them.

14. Add Subtitles.

Nearly 90% of fb users have their sound off, so add subtitles after you have gone live for the replay viewers. Here’s a video on how to add subtitles quickly.

15. Be Consistent.

If people know that your live show is every Friday at 12 p.m. they can mark it off in the diary and make themselves free. And consistently doing great Facebook live shows pays off massively in the long run if you are also doing a last tip which is…

16. Build Custom Audiences.

A major benefit of a Facebook live show is that you can build up a Facebook custom audience of people that are interested in you, so you can send them ads to watch future shows, sell your products or to get them to subscribe to your email list

In our opinion, this is the single biggest important thing that you should be thinking about when considering a Facebook live show.

The funny thing about all these Facebook Live tips is that a lot of what makes a good Facebook Live is not necessarily during the Facebook Live but in the prep, setup and promotion beforehand.

Now it’s over to you… we’ve shared with you some of our tips – are there any that you found useful? Have you tried messenger Bots yet? What do YOU do to keep people engaged on a FB Live? Let us know in the comments, and hit that sub button if you haven’t already, and will have the best night’s sleep you have ever had.