Facebook Live Tutorial | 8 Steps to the Perfect Facebook Live

Do you want to know how to get tonnes more people watching your Facebook live streams, get more engagement during and after your live, AND get new qualified leads too?

Well in this video, we show you… in 8 easy steps!

You’re gonna learn how to work out if your Facebook live topic is gonna entice your audience and get them engaged. PLUS we reveal our secret sauce for really getting the Facebook algorithm on your side!

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Would you like to know how to get tonnes more people watching your Facebook live streams, get more engagement during and after your live, and get qualified new leads too?

Well, this video 👆 takes you through our 8 easy steps for the perfect Facebook live.

Step 1: Set a specific topic

We’re fed up of wishy-washy titles… they just don’t entice people!

Things like ‘An important message today…’ or, ‘What I learnt from my trip to the park’ don’t work nearly as well as clearly defined topics.

Step 2. Reach out for questions 

Once you have a topic in mind, ask your audience what their questions are on that subject… If there’s no interest, you should question whether or not it’s a topic people want to learn about.

The other reason this is so important is because it’s letting your audience know about your live show in advance, It also gives you an excuse to remind them about it, so more people will watch live – especially if they’ve asked a question ❓

Our favourite thing to do is ask our messenger bot audience. This way an automatic reminder can be set to them to come watch our live show.

It’s all about pre-promoting your live show so that people are there watching straight away. 

Step 3. Pre-promote your live show

Promote, promote, promote! 

Send out reminders via email or social, post about it the day before or on the day, and even send a reminder to anyone that requests it or asked a question. Simple, but effective.

Step 4. use a third party live tool

If you use a third party tool like eCamm for Mac, or BeLive, or OBS Studios or Wirecast then it enables you to do more than you can on just a regular live via Facebook itself. This becomes important in just a moment…

But first, before you go live…

Step 5. Set up a Messenger Bot Comment Growth Tool 🤖

Now this step is optional but highly recommended, we did title this video ‘the perfect Facebook live’ for a reason! 😊

Setting up a messenger bot allows you to offer incentives if people comment on your live stream automatically.

For example… We did a live stream promoting a new video marketing show on our membership site, ATOMIC. We say in the video, “If you would like to get the first episode for free just comment below with the word ‘episode’”

If viewers commented with the word “episode”, our messenger bot automatically sent them a private link and followed up with them afterwards, adding them to our sales funnel.

This is where the magic happens!

Because we used a third party tool to live stream we were able to show out call to action on screen throughout. CTA wrote on the screen 💪

Step 6. Get stuck right in for the replay viewers

If you think about it, the only people watching your video for the first few minutes will be the replay viewers, and no one else.

So in that first minute you really just need to grab their attention and say something like, “Hey replay viewers this video is going to be all about XYZ and I’ll get started answering everyone’s questions in just a moment…”

Step 7. Do the live!

Just do your best and give a good live show. Make sure you’re interacting with people watching, answering their questions and doing your thing giving value or entertaining.

But also make sure to keep calling for the action of commenting for a sneak preview or a teaser or a prize, or whatever it is that they’re commenting for.

Step 8. Follow up

One of the most important things to give your Facebook live a longer life  after being live is to go back and continue the conversation started in the live show.

Make sure that you go back and comment on some of the things people have said that you might have missed, or thank them for being on the live show.

The more engagement and comments you get on the live show the more reach you’re likely to get overall.

Feel free to tag in a few people that you’ve mentioned in the show or that might have missed it.

If you can do all these things you’re going to get an incredible amount of reach and some qualified prospects too.

For more tips on getting organic Facebook reach, check out this video where we give you thirteen ways to get more reach.

If you want to know how to set up a messenger bot so that you can collect new prospects and set automatic follow ups then we do have a full training on just that inside our membership site, ATOMIC.

So, here are your 8 steps:

  • Specific topic
  • Reach out for questions
  • Send reminder and promote how you want
  • Use third party live tool like eCamm
  • Set up Comment Growth Tool and a giveaway
  • Get stuck right in when going live
  • Answer the questions, and promote the comment concept
  • Follow up with everyone who commented

Let us know in the comments how you get on! 👇