Facebook Product Ads for Services

Facebook recently launched ‘Product Ads’ with the idea that product based businesses would be able to advertise multiple products with one ad. The way it works is that your ad is scrollable – so you can scroll left and right to see more products. It is great for product businesses, but for serviced based businesses it also presents an opportunity too and in fact we are seeing more and more serviced based companies using this.

What they do, is instead of having a different product on each screen, they tell their ad story using pictures. Here’s an example…



It is a great way to get across all the features and benefits of your service in a unique way. The wording above the images remains the same, but in the scrollable photos you can change the image title and the link description below it.

This opens up a whole new range of possibilities with Facebook Advertising, so we would encourage you to check it out…

Here’s how to map out an ad idea…

ACTION: Write down all the features and benefits you would like to get across in an ad.

ACTION: Start with the first slide, this should grab attention and summarise exactly what you are offering. Think of/Create an image, and write the text to go with it.

ACTION: Your final slide should give a good Call to Action e.g. “See more at…”, “Download at…”, “Start for FREE…” etc. Decide on a good Call to Action and think about what image would go well?

ACTION: Now choose 2 of your best features/benefits for the middle slides. Remember, at this point the person has indicated their interest by sliding, now you have 2 opportunities to convince, before they reach your final Call to Action slide. So make sure these pack a punch!

Put the 4 together and you have a great series to make up a ‘Product Ad’ for your service based business.