#FacebookAds – Where to Start?!

So you’re interested in Facebook ads, but where to start?!

It can be overwhelming as can anything new, but have no fear we are here to help make it as easy as possible for you.

The first step really, as with most campaigns is the strategy. Yes you can just spend a dollar a day just for awareness with your ad simply going to your home page but that isn’t going to be an effective strategy for anyone.

Of course different strategies work better for some companies than others but the essence of each remains the same… let us explain.

Let’s say your ad is to advertise a service/product that is a few hundred pounds and above, it is extremely unlikely that anyone is going to see your ad and then buy from you straight away. Especially cold traffic (warm/hot traffic you might have a chance with). For cold traffic i.e. people who have never heard of you, there needs to be a certain amount of trust before a purchase is made. That trust isn’t going to be created from an ad – who trusts ads right?!

For most demographics they won’t trust the ads or buy ANYTHING from you no matter how cheap it is. So there needs to be another way, a way of getting their attention and then being able to grow that trust enough so that they will buy.

Well there is a way and it is to do with lead magnets (read more on lead magnets) and email marketing. Here is a simple sales funnel which shows where Facebook Ads fit into the grand scheme of things.











As you can see here, the Facebook Ads don’t sell your service, but rather just to kick start the sales funnel.

So essentially the first part of Facebook ads is to get the rest of the funnel set up. Over time you can improve that funnel but here is the simple starter version!

ACTION: Develop your ad strategy i.e. what are your ads actually selling, your services or a lead magnet?

ACTION: Start putting together the rest of your sales funnel (more on this in the next article).