Finding Your Niche | Why You DON’T Have To Have One To Be Successful

Can you be successful without finding your niche?

We’re constantly being told that “The riches are in the niches” but sometimes putting pressure on yourself to find your niche can really undermine your confidence and hold you back rather than just getting on with it.

We’re not saying that finding a niche doesn’t have many benefits, but if you haven’t found one naturally yet, we show you the 2 things you really do need which will have the same effect!

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Do you need to niche down in your business to be successful?

Ever since 1200 BC when the first digital marketer who couldn’t pronounce niche right, proclaimed:

“The riches are in the niches”

… having a niche has been looked upon as a necessity to success.

But this constant pressure and niggling doubt in the back of your mind of ‘Am I niche enough?’ can really undermine your confidence and we’ve seen people completely freeze up in their business because they’re constantly wondering whether or not they should niche down further – rather than just getting on with it.

Why finding your niche may not be the be all and end all

Worrying about it is only going to hold you back, and rushing into a forced niche isn’t going to help either, it needs to come naturally – so in this video we’re going to help you figure out if you really do need to niche down further, or if not, what vital steps you need to take instead to guarantee success.

This video was actually inspired by our friend, ATOMICON 2020 speaker, all round good guy and our man crush… Brian Fanzo.

He proclaimed recently on Social Media that he was starting ‘team no niche’ – explaining that he didn’t want to be defined by doing just one thing and no one should have to feel pressured into niching down either.

Which is an interesting take right?

And reading the comments on Brian’s posts a lot of people were in agreement with him, saying things like:

“Entrepreneurship is about following opportunities”
“It’s more fulfilling to be free to talk about whatever I want”
“No niche means more opportunities”

Can you be successful without finding your niche?

So the question is can you be successful without a niche?

OR, isn’t it true that… no niche means you’re a jack of all trades who can’t charge a premium for a specialist skill? No niche means no expertise in a field and thus you’ll never get hired for a speaking gig? No niche means a confusing brand that nobody can spread via word of mouth?!

Well here’s our take… simply ‘having a niche’ isn’t going to suddenly make you successful. Instead we need to think about what a niche ALLOWS us to do?

For example having a niche makes certain things easier such as:

⭐️ You have a clearer grasp on who you’re talking to
⭐️  You might know more about where these people hang out
⭐️  Targeting them with things like Facebook Ads can be wayyyy easier

But to sum that up we think the biggest benefit to having a niche is twofold:

1. It helps you focus your efforts on how you’re going to grow your business
2. And for the people in your niche, YOU become the obvious choice

For example, our good friend Gerry King has the niche of making websites for funeral directors. So if you’re a funeral director, given a choice of other generalist web designers, Gerry is the obvious choice, that’s his differentiator from everyone else.

Also, it gives Gerry a ton more focus on where his marketing efforts should be spent… he can join funeral director groups, write articles for funeral director magazines and a couple of weeks ago he was even at a funeral director exhibition where he was pretty much the only web designer, and he cleaned up.

So a niche can give us a business focus AND a differentiator.

Business focus and a differentiator

And that’s the key… you don’t necessarily NEED a niche, but you absolutely DO need a business focus and a differentiator…

Case in point, Brian Fanzo. He describes himself as a pager wearing millennial keynote speaker. He wears a backwards hat and bright shoes on stage, and is more than happy to call out marketing BS on stage.

That’s why people love him, that’s why we can’t wait to see him on the ATOMICON stage.

Now Brian is really successful but yet he has no niche, he doesn’t just talk about one thing to one type of industry, so why is he successful without a niche?

Well, it’s because he has a differentiator: he’s a millennial, he calls BS on marketing, and he wears bright shoes and hats…

AND he has a focus on how he’s growing his business, pretty much all he does is speaking, he’s known for doing keynotes. That’s all he does.

So there you have it, if you want to be successful, you either need:

A) Something that differentiates you to make you the obvious choice and,
B) A clear focus on how you’re growing your business

Success = Differentiator + Focus

A niche can give us those 2 things, but if you don’t have a niche, then you do need to go find your differentiator and go get that business focus.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the niche vs. no niche debate… and if you agree with us.

Also, go check out Brian Fanzo’s podcast where he shares more on this topic of what to do when you have no niche.

And if you want to see him LIVE check out ATOMICON!