Get Great Images of your Website with this Free App

Visual Content is so important in marketing these days. Visual content gets more engagement, clicks and general awareness for your brand in comparison to plain text, so luckily we have found a great app to help you with it.

It is called ‘Place it.’ and unfortunately it is only available on iOS at the moment, however there is a desktop version of it at

So what does it do? 

In less than 5 minutes you can create awesome looking professional photos of your website or app in action like this:


There are hundreds of templates for you to choose from, with lots of different types of people (so you can pick your target audience out), and there’s lots of different devices to choose from too.

How it works

You can either upload a photo that is saved on your phone, take a new photo, or just type in the URL of your website and the app will get a screenshot for you! How cool is that!? Also, if you choose one of their mobile templates, it will even get the mobile optimised version of your website:


And it is FREE

Yes for FREE you can use a small version of the image (like the ones above) in a unedited format, but for only $8 you can buy a Standard Commercial Licence that gives you a full sized image that you can edit as you like.

Where to use the photos

You can use these kind of photos in loads of places:

– Social Media (we sent out the top photo with a call to action to subscribe to atomic lite and it instantly got shared numerous times)
– Facebook Adverts
– Newsletters
– Printed Materials (with the standard licence)
– Landing Pages
– Blogs
– Your Portfolio
– Your Website even!

It doesn’t have to be a photo of your Home Page, they could make great call to action buttons on your website by showing visitors a snippet of the next page!

There’s loads of ways you could be using these great professional looking photos in your marketing today – leave your ideas in the comments below.

ACTION: Download the ‘app.’, or visit the website.

ACTION: Choose a template that would be most attracted to your target audience

ACTION: Have a go creating your home page to get started

ACTION: Share it on your suitable channels