Get More Clicks on Your Facebook Ads in Just a Few Seconds

Not many people have cottoned on to this yet, so now is the time to do it. We suspect that Facebook probably wouldn’t like us doing this, so therefore if too many people do it then they may enforce restrictions. This isn’t to say that it is a bad thing to do or wrong, it’s just not perhaps how it was meant to be used.

Ok enough of the cryptic stuff! We are talking about the display URL.

So when you create your Facebook Ad, it will display the target destination URL that you are promoting. See below:


However, if you use the Power Editor for Facebook, you can change that displayed URL to whatever you want. The main purpose is if you have a long URL, or one that isn’t very appealing. So instead of say it could simply be

Handy right.

But hey, you know us, we like to do things differently!

So if you can change it to display another link, what’s stopping you from just writing anything? Well, turns out nothing! You can literally write what you want.

So you can use this space to write extra sales copy, and what’s more is that on the sidebar it actually appears in blue and in caps.

So not only do you get extra copy (which is limited), it also stands out! Fantastic.

We want to test this more but, you can see the massive opportunity here. Here’s a great example:


ACTION: Hop on to Power Editor and tweak the display URL for your Facebook Ads. It’s easy to do and takes seconds to do, it’s right here in the Power Editor: