Quick Tip on How to Get More High Quality Connections on LinkedIn Fast

Here’s a quick tip on how to get more high quality connections on LinkedIn fast. It’s all about how to add connections on LinkedIn from your own email.

One of us tried this quick process we are about to show you as a test, receiving another 70 connections within 24hrs, with more coming in each day afterwards. This is a great way of keeping in touch with your growing audience and keeping in their mind.

This is about adding people that are within your network already rather than just adding random connections – that’s being spammy. If you’re unsure about adding connections who you aren’t close with, please read this article: Should you Add Strangers on LinkedIn.

This is how you do it…

Click on ‘Add Connections’

LinkedIn Screenshot

Then choose your email service provider on the right

LinkedIn Screenshot 2

This will then request access to your email, click accept, and it will find all the relevant LinkedIn accounts connected to anybody you have ever emailed – pretty cool right?! ‘Select All’ and ‘Add…’

If you have time, deselect those who you definitely don’t want to add but remember, even if you don’t really know most of these people it doesn’t hurt to connect. The more connections you have the more likely something good will come about them. Even if they are not within your target audience right now they might be in the future (jobs change) and what’s more is that it increases the chances of referrals long term too.

LinkedIn Screenshot

LinkedIn will then highlight all the email addresses connected to your account who don’t match to a LinkedIn account. It is usually best to skip this, but it does no harm either way.



So all in all why not give this a go, it only takes a few minutes and will grow your audience instantly and potentially, significantly.

ACTION: Follow these instructions now, it should only take a few minutes!

ACTION: Here’s how you can see how many connections you have before and after: https://www.linkedin.com/contacts/manage_sources/ – let us know how you got on in the comments below!