3 things we did to get more sales (that no-one does!)

We want to help you get more sales so we’re sharing three of the highest impact things that we have done to get to earn more customers 🙌

These are things that if done continuously, make it absolutely 100% inevitable that you will succeed. But hardly anybody does them consistently.


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We want to help you get more sales so we’re sharing three of the highest impact things that we have done to get to earn more customers.

These are things that if done continuously, make it absolutely 100% inevitable that you will succeed. But hardly anybody does them consistently.

1. Create remarkable content consistently

You know how important this already, but many of us are still struggling to do this. So we want help with that.

The easiest way to get new customers is to have an engaged audience who are ready to buy. So you need to start building one and you need to put non-negotiable time in your diary every single week to create content. For us every single Thursday morning is our content creation morning, we pick out one full day a week to do all of our recording.

That means if Thursday is your content creation day and a wonderful client comes right up to you and says, “Hey, I’ll pay you lots of money, can you make this Thursday?” You say NO!

We have never ever lost money by saying no to a potential client, we just tried to move it to a different day.

If you want to have the bigger audience, if you want to have those easy sales coming in because you’ve got an audience that’s ready to buy, then you really, really need to be disciplined around this content creation time and make sure that it’s a non-negotiable.

2. Call people to find out their objections

This is something that nobody does, but every time we get someone to go and do it, it works a 100%.

Meet Tony… she had an online product but yet nobody was buying it. She’d invested a tonne of time into it, she was trying to promote it, and trying to build a funnel around it, but just yet nobody was buying it.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

Chances are all your sales content is based on guesswork and you’re just hoping and praying that it’s going to work. Maybe you’re listening to a tonne of sales, to gurus talking about automations and funnel building processes and you’re putting all this time in, but it’s all based on guesswork… you’re guesstimating and then automating. The fact is, this simply doesn’t work, so stop it.

There’s a better way, this is what we told Tony to do… call people and find out why they are not buying your services. We know that sounds scary and you don’t want to do it, but calling people is the number one way to find out what objections people have towards buying.

So that’s what Tony did. She called a potential customer. He told her his objection to buying. The thing is Tony had never even thought of that objection before her potential customer brought it up, so what did she do? She called another customer!

And I guess what? They had the same objection exactly but this time Tony was prepared and she knew how to solve it and she got the sale 🙌

She was able to replicate her objection handling statement on her website and sell more that way too.

This is where the magic is, in those real conversations, they’re an effective way to not only find out what the objections are, but also to test ways to successfully overcome those objections so that then you can use those on your sales pages, on your funnels, on your ads, on your posts to get more sales across every single thing that you dare.

Essentially, rather than guesstimating then automating, you’re having conversations to build automations that work (because everything in marketing that’s correct has to rhyme.)

Every single person that we’ve told this to has come back to us and they’ve told us:

a) They found out an objection they never even thought

b) After doing these calls, they were able to actually make sales on the calls

c) They were going to use that data they obtained in those calls in all the websites, funnels, etc, to get more sales everywhere else

Build a sales funnel that actually works

The next step is to build an effective sales funnel, not just one based off guesswork. A funnel is basically a series of pages and emails as designed to attract and convert customers. The idea being that if you put traffic in at the top, out of the bottom, will come at leads and sales.

Every marketer on the planet and the universe will literally say, “You need to build a funnel, you need to build the funnel, and it’s really easy and so amazing, this is how you build the funnel!”

But yet why is it that so many people start off trying to build funnels but then they fail or they build one and it doesn’t work?

Well, we discovered a few things that are really, really holding people back

First, the tech can be overwhelming and more complex than people first think. They don’t know which tools to use or which tech app to use.

Second, people don’t know where to start. Is the landing pages? The lead magnets? The emails?

Thirdly, people get started making a lead magnet and then realise nobody wants that lead magnet and have to start all over again… here comes the overwhelm again.

The truth is it is really overwhelming, but when you get it right, when you spend time trying to work out how to get it right, it can really help to grow your business.

Build your funnel in a day!

If you want to take away some of this overwhelm and indecisiveness around building the funnel, then we invite you to come and map out your funnel, your path with us on our funnel building expert, Gavin Bell.

We’d love to do this with you together so click here we can plan out your path at funnel in just a day 💥

This is gonna be a guided workshop by one of the best funnel builders in the world, Gavin Bell and you’re going to feel awesome at the end of it.

By the end of the day you’ll have decided what your perfect funnel looks like once and for all, you’ll have figured out all the tech you need and learned how to run ads to your highly converting funnel.

We’ll see you on the other side!