#GettingYourWebsiteDesigned – A Website is Never Finished

We’ve come to the end of this atomic Fast Track, and we want to leave you with this one point – Your Website is Never Finished.

A good website that does its job is constantly evolving and adapting with your business. It should be your aim to ensure your website never becomes ‘out dated’ because as soon as that happens – rather than being a useful tool for your business, your website will become something you have to make excuses for.

A lot of this comes down to organisation and having processes in place. If you can set weekly or months ‘tasks’ to ensure your website is updated and have these in your diary, this process should be much easier.

Here’s 3 areas in descending regularity, that you need to be thinking about when updating your website.

1. Content Marketing 

If you are doing any form of content marketing (blogging, tweeting, videos etc.) that are housed on your website, these need to be updated regularly. Having regular updates shows your business is not only organised and engaged with their community, but that you are still going! We have been on websites who have Twitter Feeds on their site where the last tweet was 400 days ago! In an world economy where businesses start up and shut down all the time – what kind of message do you think this sends?

2. Page Content 

You also need to be looking at all your pages on a regular basis (although not as regular as your content marketing). Is your page content still valid? Do you need to update anything important to the business (e.g. Team Photos, Testimonials, New Service etc.)? Any stats, facts, figures or Website Bling needs to be kept up to date too.

Also use your Google Analytics to track what pages are visited most, and improve these pages to maximise conversions. Think about feedback from clients – what words are they using? How can you incorporate these words into your website?

These updates are not as regular as content marketing updates, but you should be looking once a month to ensure your site is still saying the right things about you.

3. Brand Development

Finally, as your business grows and adapts, you’ll get a much better idea of your brand, who you serve and how you help. These changes are crucial to reflect in your website, and sometimes you may find you’ll need to do a complete overhaul of the main messages on your site.

If you are starting up a business, until you have a good idea of what your business is, your website will never be finished – and more often than not, the realisation of what your website needs to say and do comes AFTER you have started trading. We do what we class as a ‘big’ website update on an annual basis for the reason that our business adapts at that speed and we have done that since we set up.

Also – design trends change and technology changes now faster than ever. So you need to ensure your website not only says the right things, but WORKS the right way.

ACTION: An effective website is updated regularly so to get in the habit of updating your website, we want you to make a 2 Columned table. In the left column write a list of ALL the aspects on your website that need updated (blogs, team photos, services, testimonials, products etc.) and in the right column write how often these need updated, or at least considered (daily, weekly, monthly, annually etc).

ACTION: Now – schedule this into your diary to ensure your website never gets that outdated look.