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Working On Your Business Doesn’t Need to Be So DAMN Difficult.

Kill procrastination, destroy overwhelm, slay self-sabotage, and get a laser-like focus to achieve epic productivity.

Goal-Getters assigns you a dedicated Accountability Specialist, together you set tasks, and when you complete the tasks - you win £100.

We make failing impossible & success inevitable.

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Your to-do list sucks balls*


Goal Getters Andrew and Pete (2)

Your business's to-do list is packed with a bajillion ideas, full of hard, overwhelming projects... none of which are broken down...

...Let's face it, the only things crossed out are the easy things you added to make yourself feel better 😉

It’s no wonder you’re procrastinating on doing what you need to do to grow your business.

But guess what? You're not alone. All business owners get to a point where they feel swamped, stuck and frustrated with their progress. The businesses you see succeed have found a way to blast through that funk.

If you're at that point where you are ready to blast off - WOOP WOOP CONGRATS!

Let's get you there...

The stress free way to
grow your business faster

At Goal-Getters we help you break down your goals and to-do lists into manageable & easy chunks, and then just commit to doing these manageable (but impactful) tasks each week.

This means the work is easier, but you grow faster.

Each easy task completed builds towards your bigger harder projects, meaning you hit your goals faster and easier.

No more struggling, overwhelm, hustling, or procrastinating.


Working "Harder" doesn't work...

... and only douchebags say "Hustle Harder"

Success doesn't come from working harder or longer, it comes from being consistent.

Much like The Tortoise vs. The Hare... the tortoise always wins.

More consistent (but not neccesarily perfect) action leads to quicker success, without the stress. 

And this is what Goal-Getters will help you to achieve, that consistent action, to get you to your goals quicker.

Alright, so HOW DOES IT WORK?

Weekly support for inevitable Success

You're moments away from having the ultimate procrastination buster to ensure you take action and hit your goals faster. Here's how it works in a nutshell...

  • 1 Each week you meet with your Accountability Specialist, breaking down your goals and ideas into smaller manageable and easy chunks that you will commit to doing that week.
  • 2 Join in the weekly group coaching calls to get expert advice if you get stuck, there's also a private community group to ask questions in and celebrate your wins
  • 3 When you complete a mere 75% or more of your tasks each month, you win £100! That's right, you get paid every month for simply doing what you said you were going to do.

Goal-Getters was built for 3
main types of Small businesses...

... who typically fall into 1 of 3 business growth stages...

one. You Need More Sales

There is something that is stopping you from getting more sales, it could be your offering, your positioning, your sales strategies. Or maybe you just need a little push to do more sales, more often.

two. You are at capacity

You are at capacity of work that you can take on, which means you either need to start building your team and outsourcing more, or launch something new (that is more scalable) to increase your income.

three. You need to Scale

You already have scalable offerings in place, and you're at a point where you are reducing time spent in the business. At this stage it's crucial to build new systems, processes and your team, to remove yourself more from the running of the business, so you can focus on being more strategic.

At each of these stages, whether you are selling more, launching something new, building your team or scaling up, you are faced with big decisions, and as a small business owner is can be incredibly lonely and isolating, which makes the overwhelm all that more real.

Goal-Getters gives you someone to talk to and support you on a weekly basis, as well as a community of fellow Goal-Getters to surround yourself with, and programme leaders Andrew and Pete who are cheering you on and here to help.



You've tried all the software, joined all the groups, tried coaching, you know all about time management...

And yet for some reason you still find yourself procrastinating and not making the impact you need in your business.

Every other productivity and accountability solution fails for one simple reason... and it's not your fault...

There's no real consequence holding you to account and getting you taking action.

Not only has our system conquered this, but the method has also been trialled by hundreds of people and gained a 100% success rate.

No need for fancy software, courses, training.

Just a simple routine that we do with you each week...

getting your butt in gear is just a weekly call away

This service is based on one core principal, the 'Raise the Stakes' methodology.

Three layers of accountability ensure you successfully overcome procrastination for good.

The 'Raise the Stakes' methodology has been proven to have 100% effectiveness across hundreds of people, and it will work for you too.

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3 Layers of Accountabilty to Guarantee Action

All 3 layers of accountability are baked into Goal-Getters, giving you the emphasis to get going, take action and kick procrastination in the you-know-what.

  • Making a promise

    When you commit to what tasks you're going to do each week with your Accountability Specialist, you are making a promise and you don't want to let them down. This alone is often enough to make you want to do the tasks.

  • Peer to Peer Accountability Reports

    There is a live Goal-Getters Progress Report which shows your most recent, and overall task completion rate. You can see everybody's score, and they can see yours.

  • Financial Gain of £100

    There is £100 at stake. If you complete at least 75% of your tasks across the month, you will win the dosh. 

3 Layers of Accountability - Goal Getters

the effects of taking action
consistently are compounding

Each small task you complete builds on the last, again and again, until eventually you have an unstoppable avalanche of success because you're doing everything that's needs to get done, finally!

No more shiny objects distracting you, no more self sabotage getting in your way.

You will make more money because you've been productive and focused.

You will work less (but more impactfully) allowing you to finish your days earlier.

You will start to believe in yourself and your confidence will grow from doing all the things you've been putting off before now.

Follow this system and you'll have...

  • Less wasted time
  • More focus
  • More productive
  • Shorter work days
  • Achieve more
  • More confidence
  • Make more money

worried about adding extra stuff to your already full plate?

Fear not my ambitious friend...

This isn't about working longer hours to get more done. Hustling will only burn you out.

Instead, we know taking consistent steps at your own pace is a better way to get more done over time. Regular progress compounds to make reaching your goals inevitable.

Each week you're working on easier manageable tasks that make up the bigger scary projects you want to complete.

You only have to do 75% of those tasks across the month to win your wager back. You set the pace each week, and of course you can take holidays off if you need to.

We know some weeks you may have 1 hour to work on your business and some weeks you'll have 10 hours! Whatever time you have, each week we'll help you stop procrastinating and make the most of it.


Highly skilled & trained

All Accountability Specialists have been meticulously vetted and trained in the process

They are friendly, easy to talk to… and LOVE helping you stay focussed on what's important and keeping those tasks manageable!

They will keep you motivated, accountable, and ready to take your business to a whole new level.



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Weekly Coaching Calls with Andrew and Pete

Goal-Getters Founders Andrew and Pete are waiting to help you each week! Hop into our Zoom room and get advice, problems solved, and ideas validated.

Andrew and Pete, are ranked as one of the top 100 digital marketers in the world, run the UK's biggest small business conference, regularly keynote international events, are authors of two hit books, and love nothing more than helping entrepreneurs around the world grow faster.

Group support

Get daily support via our tight-knit group of ambitious Goal-Getters just like you. A safe space to share wins, problems, and brainstorm. You're never alone on this journey. 


HAve Inevitable Success with Goal-Getters

Join today and get a proven process of smashing your goals quicker, eliminating procrastination and growing your income faster than you ever thought possible.


  • Weekly sessions with your Accountability Specialist

    Your regular weekly routine with your dedicated Accountability Specialist to keep motivated and focused. No more distractions or procrastination.

  • Kick off call with your Accountability Specialist

    This longer first session is where we get you organised and focused. Breaking down your goals into manageable steps.

  • Win £100 each month for completing your tasks

    Each month when you complete above 75% of your tasks, you will be paid £100. This financial incentive ensures you stop procrastinating on what needs to be done.

  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Andrew and Pete

    Get 1:1 advice from the top 100 ranked digital marketers in the world, EACH week! Have the confidence in your next steps, and never be stuck again.

  • Monthly Peer to Peer Accountability Reports

    A live updated document tracking your progress is shared with all Goal-Getters. You can see everybody's score, and they can see yours.

  • Support Group

    A safe space to share problems, get unstuck and celebrate wins. Available 24/7. 


    As an added extra bonus, we're also giving you our signature organisation methodology training to help you squeeze even more juice from Goal-Getters. 



We want to hear your story to ensure Goal Getters is a right fit for you. In fact, we speak with every person before they join Goal Getters. Simply enter your information below and schedule a free consultation with us.

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We want to hear your story to ensure Goal Getters is a right fit for you. In fact, we speak with every person before they join Goal Getters. Simply enter your information below and schedule a free consultation with us.

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