Improve Your Google Rankings with Google Reviews | Which Would You Choose?

Pete was recently needing a new opticians having just moved into a new area, so naturally the first place to look is with a Google Search. Take a look at the search results below and ask yourself, “which one would I pick?”


The one with the five shiny stars right?! Concept Eye Clinic is the only one to actually have reviews – really good reviews too! At this point Pete didn’t even bother to look at the other companies, Concept looked good enough with all the great reviews.

The point being, something as simple as these reviews basically put Concept Eye Clinic above ALL of it’s competitors.

Having Google Reviews means that your business:

  • Stands out above the competition, which encourages more clicks/visits
  • Increases credibility, thus increasing clicks and potential business from this trust
  • Improves it’s ranking in local search, so that you are higher up, gain higher visibility and get more clicks/visits

At this point we would like to stress the importance of this for anyone saying, “so what?”… Well using Google Adwords Keyword Planning tools we can see that on average people search for ‘Opticians Gosforth’ every month. Because it has such a dominance on the page this means that they should will be getting the majority of this traffic. Surely you would like and extra 60 potential clients every month for no extra work? 😉

It’s easy to do just ask your clients to leave a review, even just your family and friends! To be listed on Google you need a Google My Business account, if you haven’t got that already, you can set it up here: – We would STRONGLY recommend it.

ACTION: Open a private browser (so no biased results) and search Google for your industry and type in your local area. Do you show up? Are you on the map? Do you have any reviews? Do you even have a ‘Google for Business Account?”

CAUTION: Google and FTC forbid businesses from offering incentives to their customers in exchanges for good reviews. You should never use Social media campaigns that require a customer review in return for an incentive, discount, or even a free slice of pizza. Remember to just ask your clients politely, if you have done a good job then they shouldn’t hesitate to help you.