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Want to get your website and your blogs ranking in search? Then you absolutely need to make sure guest blogging is part of your strategy!

In this video we talk you through how guest blogging improves your credibility in your industry, gets you in front of new audiences AND helps you increase your website traffic and rankings!

Then we share two epic tips on HOW to do guest blogging really well 💪

Watch the video 👇


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If you want to get your website and your blogs ranking in search then the chances are you absolutely need to guest blog.

We were talking to Andy Crestodina recently at CMWorld and he not only shared some awesome tips for getting your site ranking – some of which we share in this video 👆- but he also laid out beautifully why everyone should be regularly blogging – and it blew our mind! 💥

Let’s demonstrate how guest blogging works…

Let’s take two websites, Site A and Site B.

Site A writes a couple of blogs. Site B writes one blog for themselves, and one guest blog for another website.

Site A has two blogs all to himself, with no links back to them, relying on only his existing audience to get any traction…

Whereas site B now has 1 blog on his site and a guest blog on another website, which helps improve his credibility in his own industry. He’s been put in front of someone else’s audience who may then come and follow him. He’s now making connections and friends who may share his stuff, talk about him or even help him in the future, AND he’s getting a link back to his blog or his site which increases the likelihood of him ranking in search and getting lots of traffic.

Let’s keep going!

Site A writes another two blogs for himself… good for you buddy!

Meanwhile, site B writes one more blog and another guest blog, now he’s got even more friends sharing his blogs, he has more credibility and awareness, he has even more followers, and he has way more domain authority on his site helping him to rank his blogs.

I think you get the idea now… this is why it’s so important to guest blog 😃

How to guest blog really well

So let us share two important tips on how to do this really well, because guest blogging well does take time and we want it to be worth it for you.

Be picky about who you guest blog for

The higher the authority of the website you guest blog for, the better it is from an SEO point of view.

For example, let’s say you’re a child nutritionist, and you want to do a guest blog for a mums’ website…

You could do a guest post for one of your friends blog or another small blog, which is GREAT for relationship building (which we shouldn’t forget about), but to be honest it’s questionable how much that would be worth to you from an SEO point of view.

A quick Google search for the top blogs for mums will give you a solid list. When we looked, the top result was this one, a list of potential sites, but let’s see what their domain authority is.

To demonstrate, one of these blogs, Mum in the Madhouse has lot’s of blogs on the site. It has had guest blogs in the past, but we’d recommend just double checking it still does.

If we take the domain and go to Moz’s Link Explorer, we can see that it has a domain authority of 61 which is incredibly high!

If you did a guest blog for this website it would certainly give you some klout!

Using Link Explorer you can find out the site authority of any website this way for free.

Link back to a specific blog on your site

Our second tip if you want one of your blogs to rank in search, is to write a guest blog with the intention of linking back to a specific blog on your site.

For example, if we had a blog all about how to do Facebook Live that we wanted to rank, we could do a guest blog all about Facebook reach tips and when we mention Facebook Live, link back to that original blog on our website about Facebook Live.

The key here is to make sure the hyperlink to your blog is on the keyword.

What a lot of people do is hyperlink the words ‘click here’ but that doesn’t tell Google anything about why it’s linking to your site.

Instead, hyperlink the actual keyword you’re trying to rank for.

It makes sense right? Now it’s telling Google that this website is linking to your blog all about your keyword. It’s like a vote of confidence towards your blog 👍

So have we convinced you of the importance of guest blogging? Will you be doing more guest blogging? Let us know in the comments!