Have you ever received a business postcard?

Postcards are our secret marketing weapon. We love them! Why you ask?

We talk a lot about aiming to create Top Of Mind Awareness with our marketing, and using postcards to stay in people’s minds are a great way to do this.

We haven’t gone crazy we promise, this is why we do it…

In a digital world, where communication is predominantly done by email and social media channels, getting something through the post is…believe it or not…a STAND OUT way of talking to somebody, and a postcard is perfect because…
– They are quick to write
– They are cheap to post
– They are visual
– They are cheap to design
– They are cheap to print
– They are different from a letter
– Not many people send them

Who do we send them too?

We send postcards out to…
– New clients as a thank you
– Old clients to keep in touch
– People who have refereed business to us
– New contacts
– Anybody we need to say ‘Thank You’ to

We also use them for certain situations, for example, when we got back from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, we sent out these postcards below to people we met. The amount of emails we got was crazy, but not one person sent a postcard!


Getting them designed

For maximum impact don’t buy a pack, have your own designed. Like our postcards above, they get across our brand, and you can add your own personality. It shouldn’t be overly expensive to get a designer to do you some designs and a printer to print a batch. Aim to make the design something special, so the person will either keep it, or put it up on their wall/noticeboard (e.g. NOT just your logo).

Top Tip: Get a couple of designs done so you can send out multiple to the same person and when printing, ensure the design side is ‘Gloss Laminated’ and the back is ‘Uncoated’ for a truly authentic look and feel.

Keep it practical

Make it part of your monthly marketing routine and keep track of who has received what postcard using a spreadsheet. It doesn’t have to be hard work, and can actually be quite fun!

ACTION: Make a list of potential people you could send a postcard to.
ACTION: Put it in your diary to once a month send out postcards.
ACTION: Get in touch with a couple designers and ask them to quote you for a design (send them the photo above so they know what you mean).


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