Have you heard of ‘screenshorts?’

We don’t know how much of a fad this is, but in the noisy world of social media, ‘screenshorts’ could be the latest thing to help you get your content noticed.

A ‘screenshort’ is where you write a message on the notes section of your phone, take a screenshot of it (for Appple users: hold the lock button down and press the home key), and then post it to your Twitter account – the benefit being that you can bypass the 140 character rule.

This is what one looks like…

Photo 14-04-2015 12 01 17

Celebrities use these often to make formal statements (AKA: rants) and beleive it or not they are actually becoming a thing.

But…can businesses do this?
Again, believe it or not, some businesses are taking advantage of this. Here’s how/why it is working:
– As pre-mentioned if you have a large audience on a platform like Twitter and would like to say more, it can be more effective than linking to a blog
– It is a very personal way of sharing thoughts because it comes right from your phone and isn’t very formal. This can help build your brand
– You can make announcements on your visual social networks (Pinterest/Instagram)
– It takes advantage of the fact that visuals are shared more than written words
– It puts your words right in front of people…you aren’t asking them to click or do anything else
– Currently it isn’t the norm…and when you aren’t the norm you get noticed!

There’s even an iOS app called One Shot that allows you to crop and highlight certain sections of your screenshort!

ACTION: We aren’t saying to replace all your content with screenshorts, but test this out and see how much engagement you get with it!

P.S. Let us know the results in the comments below…