#atomicHIGHLIGHT: Are You Missing These 5 Tricks With Your Website


Welcome to this Highlight, which is all about making the most of your website. The video above shares 5 Top Tips for getting the most from your website, but you can read below too if you wish.

NUMBER 1. Use the Google Analytics Behaviour Flow Tool. Most people have heard of, or are using Google Analytics on your website. It is a great tool for tracking where traffic is coming from and how promotions are doing. But are you using the ‘Behaviour Flow’ (previously ‘User Flow’) tool? This is a great tool for tracking the users journey through your website. It will show you what page user start on, and then what percentage of users go where. It will also show you where users exit the website. There are 2 main uses for this. The first is, once you know where users are going most, you can work on thoses pages to improve them, to guide the visitor to do what you want to do. For example, after the Home Page, if you know 90% of people visit the about page next, thenwhy not make more of this page, and ensure it get accross more about what it is like to work with you. Secondly, if you can see what pages ‘leak’ the most amount of visitors, then you can do something about it to keep people on your website. Maybe the Calls to Action on these pages aren’t strong enough? Maybe they are too confusing? Find out what it is that is causing people to leave these pages, and experiment, by making changes, and measuring the results.

ACTION: If you don’t have Google Analytics on your website, then go get it!

ACTION: Check out the Behaviour Flow Page. Identitfy, what pages are visited most often, and what pages leak most visitors. Now look at improving these pages to increase conversion rates.

NUMBER 2. Use Video! This has been pushed by marketers for quite some time now, but it is amzing how many micro businesses still aren’t utilising video content on their websites. It is much easier to shoot and edit video these days with our phones/laptops/computers and there are a number of easy ways to edit video together. OK – it isn’t going to look overly profesisonally done, but you can get it look decent enough. As well as SEO benefits, video is a great way of explaining what you do without forcing visitors to read a lot of text, and gets across your personality, building trust and rappor with potential clients before you have even met them.

ACTION: Look at every page on your website, and think about how you can improve it with video.

ACTION: The hardest part about video is getting started. So use the camera on your phone or computer and record an explainer video for your home page introducing yourself, your business and the benefits of using you.

ACTION: Talk to your web designer about incorporating video on your website. If you host the video on Youtube or Vimeo, it should be pretty straightforward to embed it onto your web page.

NUMBER 3. Take things off your website. When we talk about improving our website, we often think about what we can add. What pages are missing, what fuNctions could our website do. However, have you ever thought your website was too complicated? Sometimes we look at websites, and there is so much ‘stuff’ on them, that it is hard to decipher what it is the company actually does, and even harder to navigate. Making something simple is much harder than making something complicated.

ACTION: Ask yourself honestly if your website is succinct enough, and gets across your message in an easy to understand way.

ACTION: Ask a friend, who doesn’t know much about your industry, or what you are trying to acheive with your website to take a look and tell them to describe your business. This will give you an idea of how easy your website is to understand, although we would recommend doing this with a couple people, before taking drastic action after one opinion!

NUMBER 4. A lot of people use data capture methods on their websites, which is great, however where people fall down a lot is the quality of these giveaways. Basically if the incentive isn’t strong enough then it isn’t going to work! So don’t create giveaways that you perceive to be free and worthless, remember you are getting an email address in return, which enables you to do great email marketing. So instead create a give away that has so much value in it – that you could actually sell (and in the future you might!) Having a giveaway with this much value – and showing the value of it on your website, will not only allow you to capture more data, but the people who receive it, will be very impressed, and think so much more of you.

ACTION: If you currently have a giveaway on your website, ask yourself how much you would sell it for. If the answer is ‘zero’ – then improve it.

ACTION: If you don’t have a giveaway on your website, create one with the mindset that in the future you have a sellable product.

NUMBER 5. Create your own pages. The aim of your website should really be to back up all the other online and offline promotions you do, so you need to be able to learn how to add and create pages on your website. Then, when you do any promotion that links back to your website (online or offline), instead of sending the traffic to the home page, send it to a page specifically designed to convert traffic that is there due to that promotion. We use this quite a lot in our Email Marketing for example, we’ll send people from our newsletter back to a page on our website that is specifially related to that newsletter. You can then create a ‘Most Wanted Action’ on these pages which may be different to the ‘Most Wanted Action’ of your home page.

ACTION: Look at your latest promotions, or any promotions you have in the pipeline. Can you utilise your website more effectively and create a bespoke page for this promotion?