Home Page Design | Making Your Home Page a Knockout

Hey guys, today we tackle something that everybody has… and if you don’t have it, well you should…

…no it’s not a copy of our brand new book…


*wink wink*

It’s your Home Page!

Specifically your Home Page Design.

We’re approaching this not from an SEO point of view, but a Human SEO point of view… basically how do you get somebody’s attention when they land on your Home Page and how do you get them doing what you want them to do.

To make this a bit more fun, we have devised a no holds barred, ultimate fighting match to the death, where we are going to put your Home Page Design, through it’s paces. Does your Home Page have what it takes?

Let’s find out!

home page design-23


Home Page Design. Round 1. MWA.

To survive this first round all you have to be able to answer is this…

What do I want somebody to do when they land on my Home Page?

MWA stands for Most Wanted Action, simply put, you should know the action you really want a visitor to take when they land on your Home Page. This is going to be different for different businesses. It could be…

  • Subscribe to your newsletter (B2B company)
  • Apply for something (jobs website)
  • Download a menu or brochure (restaurant)
  • Is it read your latest article (news website)
  • Or listen to your podcast (podcaster)
  • Start a Free Trial / Demo (SAAS company)
  • Or is it simply give you a call (local business)

These are examples, there’s no hard and fast rule here, you may want to test out different MWAs.

But the point is, you need to know your MWA and make it prominent enough for people to take that action. If you have lot’s of different calls to action, the message becomes less clear, and the visitor is more likely to be overwhelmed and not click anything.

Your Home Page isn’t a place to ‘sell’ necessarily, your MWA should get them to take the first step so they are moving either deeper within your website (where you can provide more relevant information), or taking the next step in your sales process (downloading a brochure and capturing details, giving you a call etc.)

Home Page Design. Round 2. Grab Attention.

Made it through Round 1? Good. Here comes Round 2. To get through this round, all your Home Page has to do is simply this…

Make the visitor go ‘ooooooooooooooooo I want some of that’

home page design-24


OK, in all seriousness, you need to grab attention straight away, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

The best way to do this is with great photography, great copy or video content. Something that either looks really appealing or catches them off guard to get them to want to know more.

At the time of writing the first thing you see on our Home Page is a Video background we filmed in our office building. It’s fun, it’s a bit crazy, it’s a bit ‘out there’, but do you know how many people have said something like this to us:

‘OMG, I went on your website and I think I watched that video on a loop 3 times in a row just to see Pete slap Andrew one more time.’ 


What we tend to see on Home Pages is a lot of text, people trying to say too much, and mess. You don’t want mess. You want a clear message that catches attention. Don’t beat around the bush, just tell people what you do in a creative way and get them clicking.

Home Page Design. Round 3. Establish Trust.

Got a few knocks and bumps yet? You better power up, because here comes Round 3.

To survive Round 3, all you need to answer is this…

Do I look like a trusted business?

Now trust is a word used a lot these days by marketers, but that’s because it is crucial to get right. If you don’t establish trust, then a visitor usually has a million other sites to pick from.

The world is cautious when it comes to browsing online… you need to look like a credible, legit business.

How do you do that with your Home Page design?

Well, it’s a mixture of things, a lot of it can be achieved with a modern, great looking site with good testimonials, credentials, qualifications shown etc. But if you want to take this a step further do the BYAO.

Brag Your Ass Off.

home page design-25


Now don’t sound like a pretentious douche, but we find sometimes people (especially us Brits), don’t like to share with potential customers they amazing things they’ve done.

You may feel like you are being big headed, bragging too much, and people won’t like you for that, but that’s not true.

Don’t look at it as bragging, look at it as sharing your wins and your accomplishments so people respect you for what you are worth.

So get those awards on your websites, get your best clients logos on there, get the media sites you’ve been featured on prominent. You may not feel like you have done a lot, but we encourage you to push yourself. When we are chatting to people, we often pick out things they haven’t even thought about. You can work towards winning awards, but just use what you’ve got now.

The Cool Down

So how did you do? Did you make it through without being KO’d.

If your home page doesn’t quite have what it takes to become the Ultimate Fighting Home Page, this article should have gave you some training material to improve it.

We just wanted to end on a final point that you can apply to your website as a whole. Even though your Home Page design is important, you need to remember that your Home Page may not necessarily be the first page people land on. A product page may be showing up in search, a blog may be doing well on Social Media, or people could just be sharing a specific link.

So, if you don’t just want an Ultimate Fighting Home Page, but an Ultimate Fighting Website, then apply these 3 rules across the board to every page:

  • Every page should have a MWA
  • Every page should grab attention to keep the eyes moving
  • Every page should build trust relating to what that page is about.

We’ve worked on hundreds of Web Projects over the years, so have put together a free download:

Home Page Chemistry: A Checklist for getting your Visitors to Fall in LOVE with Your Business.

Home Page Chemistry by Andrew and Pete

Get it Here.

See you next time.

Andrew and Pete