How Long Does Content Marketing Take to Work

In this weeks video we get honest. You’re doing all these blogs, videos or podcasts, but how long does it take for all this effort to turn into sales? Yes Content Marketing is a long term strategy, but we are totally against the view of “just keep going until it happens for you.” You want to get results as quickly as possible, and know you are doing the right thing. In this video we break that down for you.



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Video Transcript (for all you who like to read)

Content marketing is a long term strategy, right? But we feel your pain. You’re creating all this content, and at the end of the day, you’ve got a business to run, so you need to see some results at some point. So how long does all of this actually take to work, and when should you start worrying that it’s not working? Answer after the bell.

Firstly, yes, we do think content marketing is a long term strategy, okay? It’s about building trust. It’s about building your audience. It’s about developing authority and credibility. And all of these things can’t be rushed. They need to take a little bit of time. But, you should be seeing short term gains in the short term, as well, in two kind of main ways. The first way, if you’ve already got a business, then your content marketing should almost be waking up all the people that you’ve already connected with.
We saw this almost immediately, as soon as we started seriously doing content marketing. Everyone that we had connected with previously in our business were all of a sudden reminded, oh yeah, Andrew and Pete, they exist. And they wanted to work with us, wanted to find out a bit more about what we could offer them, because they were reminded of us in a valuable way.

Secondly, though, even if you’re just starting from scratch, the absolute basics, the absolute beginning, your content marketing efforts should be having an effect on somebody, if you’re doing it right. Even if it’s just a handful of people, if those handful of people are the right people and they’re being impressed by what you’re doing, then there’s a lot of short term gains that can be had from that. Amy Schmittauer recently created a video called I’m not Casey Neistat, which was amazing and really hit home for us, because it just reminded us that no, we’re not trying to be the next YouTube star.

We don’t necessarily need millions and millions of followers watching all of our stuff. We’re doing this to build our business. If you’re doing this right, it doesn’t matter if only 20 people watch your video or read your blog as long as those 20 people are inspired enough to actually want to know more. And that’s what we need to know, right from the start, to know if this is working for us.

It’s people’s reactions. (gasp) I got a reaction, then.

So if you can get a reaction, even if it’s just a retweet or a share or a comment or somebody emailing you to say that they really enjoyed that vlog of yours, then that’s a sign that you’re doing something right, and your content marketing should be getting you short term benefits, as well. And this is where people go wrong. They hear from other marketers that content marketing is a long term strategy, so if they’re getting no reaction today, they can just write that off because it doesn’t matter because content marketing is a long term strategy.

And so they’ll just blog or vlog or do whatever mindlessly for years, getting no reaction, no comments, no engagements, no likes, no nice emails, but this clearly isn’t working. You have to change it up.

So, back to the question. How long does it take for content marketing to see results? Well, if people are enjoying your content, if it’s making them feel happier or smarter, then you’re gonna get results straightaway, and the longer you stick at it, the more the results are gonna be exponential. Now, we’re only saying this because we’ve been in your position.

We blogged for years and we didn’t really get all that much from it, and we still relied on things like networking and referrals to actually get sales and leads in our business. Then we got better at blogging and started seeing better results. Then we launched our video channel, and that just upped everything that we had done previously. Now, we’ve been creating video for still less than a year, and we’re not seeing these short term wins as suddenly thousands and thousands and thousands of people flood in to join our membership site, Atomic. That would be nice. But we are getting more and more members each week. We are getting more people wanting to work one to one with us. We are getting more speaking opportunities. We are getting more referrals. Our sales calls are much easier. All of these things are things that really matter in our business.

So what matters in yours? Keep pausing for effect. What we’ve always done ourselves is keep on improving.

We’re pretty impatient, so we want those long term gains like now, so we just keep on changing it up. We keep trying better our content every single time.
Because of that, we’ve made a lot more short term wins, which has been fantastic for us. So we’re not sat here thinking, “Oh, there’s no engagement, but it’s fine. This is a long term strategy.” No, we’re not doing that. We want short term wins, and I know you do, too.

So make amazing content, and that’s what’s gonna help you with short term. Your voice went super high then. (laughs) Now, a lot of this is dependent on creating the right kind of content that’s gonna be engaging and that’s gonna get you on the right person’s radar, but luckily, we have a webinar movie– Movie. Just for you. Just for you.
It’s called Remarkable Content: The Movie, and it takes you from content zero to content hero.

It’s only 30 minutes long, but it is jam packed, it is fast paced, it is fun, and it teaches you how to make amazing content that most importantly is gonna get you short term gains as well as long term gains. That’s completely free and awesome, so just go check it out in the description below. Yes. Please subscribe to us on YouTube and like our Facebook page for more of these weekly videos. I’ve been Andrew. And I’ve been Pete. See you next week!