How Social Selling Works

A Guest Blog by ATOMIC Member Jaz Greer.

Everyone looks to Social Media as being the Holy Grail for getting sales and new business… but HOW do you get this to work for you and your business?

Yes there are a few Tricks to making this work, irrespective of what your business activity is and in this post I am going to share with you the following:

  • How to move beyond just posting on Social Media into “Intentional Social Media” and seeing results
  • Taking your first steps into the “Holy Grail” of Social Media Sales – Social Selling!
  • What it is and why you should be using this in your Business
  • The TRICK when it comes to Social Selling to get those new clients !

Social Media Post and Hope

How do most people use Social Media in their business? Well mostly it’s about posting on as many channels, as often as possible and hoping for the best!

Post, Post, Post, Hope, Hope, Hope and when you look at the results…Nope, Nope, Nope didn’t work and no return on your investment…then you start believing that it doesn’t work!!

The reason you are not getting any real response or traction is because you are posting aimlessly and targeting the markets of “Anyone and Everyone” and these markets DO NOT EXIST. You need to be niche in your target markets for your business!

Social Media WILL work for your business but you need to know the TRICK to making it work and this is what I will show you now, to help you move beyond just Social Media into what I call “Intentional Social Media!”


Intentional Social Media

There are FIVE components to moving beyond just posting on Social Media and these involve you changing your mindset and adjusting how you post by having some “intent” in what you are doing…

  1. Targeted

You cannot any longer aim at the markets of “Everyone” and “Anyone”, rather your posts need to be aimed at your ideal client to make a connection with them. You need to write a ‘Client Profile’, who you are targeting, where they are, what they like and what they do and most importantly what they are struggling with so you can help meet their needs!

When you are posting, use hashtags and keywords to connect with your target audiences and get your posts seen by more people! People are searching by hashtag and keywords and if yours are there then your posts will surface in search and people will connect with you!

  1. Relational

When you post, write to build a relationship and not just get a like or a share! This is the START of a journey, so start well and lay the foundations to build a long lasting relationship. Make sure your language and tone of voice are indicating that you care for the people who read your posts and that you want to serve them and help meet their needs!

  1. Intentional

Know WHY you are posting and WHAT you want the response to be from those you connect with – WHERE are you leading people to with your Call To Action? You need a posting plan and strategy as to the type of content that people will feel they gain knowledge and value from and where you need to post this.

  1. Concise

Get to the point, be specific and don’t waffle. Be confident in your posts and that is better with brevity! If you can get your message across in 140 characters like we used to have to do as marketeers on Twitter, then you’ll have a sharp and powerful message. 

  1. Known

Build a personal brand! Increase the amount of organic posts you create with your message and that will help raise your profile and get you front of mind!

Now that you have added some intent and purpose to your Social Media you will see increased reach, engagement and interactions! That notification bell will be lighting up and people will know who you are…but you are still not selling through Social Media…you have stepped up from random Social Media usage to Intentional Social Media and gained traction…there is one more step… to SELL on Social – Social Selling!


Leading to Social Selling:

Social Selling combines strategically your Social Media, your Online Marketing, your Offline Marketing, Networking and Sales Processes to reduce the lead time to gaining a successful Sale and New Client for your Business! Social Selling is a specific Sales Eco Environment that is created to accelerate the Sales Process and engage with pre-qualified ideal clients and new Business…

Social Selling brings these Benefits to your Business and Helps you to Sell Successfully to your Ideal Clients:

  • Social Selling shortens the time from prospect to lead to client in the sales process
  • Sales people using Social Selling on average exceed their targets by 23% compared to those NOT using Social Selling
  • 54% of Social Selling practitioners can track back to at least one closed deal through Social Media and Social Selling
  • Buyers now complete 57% of the buying process online using Social Networks to build a preferred provider list before approaching sales people – if you are not front of mind then you do not make the list!

So what is the TRICK to getting into Social Selling?

  1. Targeted

First you need to develop and manage a list of up to 150 people you want to build a relationship with from your ideal client and target groups. 

You will now be focussed on building a relationship with this list while your Intentional Social Media is connecting with people and filling your sales funnel with prospects to then be moved onto this list once you have sufficient engagement and buying signals

You now need to adjust your mindset to no longer be broadcasting, but rather niching down on your list and making this the focus of your sales activities!

  1. Relational

Go deep with this list of potential new clients you want to build a relationship with.

Each day spend time liking their posts, reading their posts and comments, where and when appropriate comment and add value and do this across the platforms…you need to connect across platforms with this List and engage where they are most active!

You now need to be open and to open up to your audience – share behind the scenes information and build the KNOW LIKE TRUST factor online and wait for signals to take the relationship further

  1. Intentional

Your goal now is different to how it was with your Intentional Social Media… now your end goal and motivation for engaging and developing a relationship with the list is a sale somewhere down the line…Intentional, Purposed and ALL Social Selling practice leads to this goal! It may be in the end this person is not going to buy from you direct but can refer people, open up doors to people in their networks, that’s fine, the end goal of a sale or new piece of business has been achieved…your intention will get the attention you need to achieve this Goal!

  1. Concise

You have built a relationship, you should now be able to get direct to the point, directly speak to people through Messaging, phone, text video, whatever is appropriate but be concise in getting to the point…busy people do not have time for waffle and foundering around…get concise and to the point!

  1. Known

Your Personal Brand building through your Intentional Social Media will keep you Front of Mind and get the enquiries coming to you without you having to go looking for the work!

That is the Inbound Marketing benefit of Social Selling!

If you practice your Social Selling correctly, you will have built up the KNOW factor, people will LIKE what you are saying and listen to you and most importantly, because of sharing your expertise and wisdom they will TRUST you to help them with their challenge and to meet their needs!

No need for any hard selling, Social Selling reduces the need to close, instead clients will ask you to work with them and usually price is not a barrier or issue if you have built your value correctly through Social Selling!

Hopefully that will give you a taste of how you CAN move beyond Social Media, into Intentional Social Media and ultimately Social Selling, so YES you can sell via Social Media!


By Jaz Greer

Jaz Greer specialises in getting your Brand in front of your ideal clients! A specialist in Social Selling which combines Social Media Marketing, online Marketing and offline lead generation strategies to deliver real results for you and your Business. Regarded as a Global Influencer in Social Selling, Jaz ranks in the Top 6% of Social Sellers Globally!