Click to Tweet Part II: Getting People to Tweet Your Images

In this previous article, we talked about a cool tool we use called Click to Tweet. It creates links that when clicked – Tweet your content.

ACTION: If you haven’t read that already go give it a read then come back to finish reading this article. You can read it here >

Today we want to take that a step further, and show you how to embed images in a clickable link too!

Why would you want people to Tweet your images? Well because as we discussed here visual marketing is becoming more important so if we can get other people to share our visuals too, we get bonus points!

Let us show you can example so you can see it in action. We run a networking event in our local community and after the event we encourage people to Tweet the group selfie we take. If we were to include a link to the image in our post-event email, and ask people to save it and Tweet it out, we don’t think many people would because it is effort! So instead all we do is include a clickable link in our email that looks like this:

Click To Tweet 1

And here is just a snapshot from our twitter timeline to show the effectiveness…

Click to Tweet 2

Cool right? It is a really fun and easy way to spread the word about our brand and our event.

So here’s how we set it up…

It is a little bit more technical to set-up than a standard Click to Tweet, but once you have done it once – it is pretty easy…

Step 1: You have to have your Click to Tweet account set up for free, as we discussed in the previous article.

Step 2: You must tweet the photo from your own account that you would like other people to share

Step 3: Find your Tweet in your timeline. Click on the 3 dots and click ‘Copy link to Tweet’

Click to Tweet 3


This will bring up this screen…


Click to Tweet 4

Step 4: Copy this URL into your URL bar in your broswer and hit enter.

This should bring up a page containing this Tweet alone.

This is where is gets a little technical (stick with us). We need to get the direct link to this image on Twitter. That is the Gold we are after! To do this we need to look at the page source.

Step 5: If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox this is easy, just right-click on the window background (note: Not on the Tweet or Image, in this example we clicked on the Orange background) and select ‘View Page Source’.

Click to Tweet 5

Please note the following screenshots are from Google Chrome, which is the browser we would suggest using to do this. Other browsers should allow you to see the Page Source too, and therefore our instructions should work, but may look/work a little different. 

Now the ‘Page Source’ will be a big page of code, that if you aren’t familiar with, will look scary and like gobbledygook. However in this page lies the direct link to the image (the gold).

Step 6: The link will start with “pic.twitter” so if we hit ‘CTRL+F’ (‘CMD+F’ on a Mac) we can search for “pic.twitter” to find the link.

Click to Tweet 6

Step 7: Copy the whole link between the >2 arrows< as highlighted below…

Click to Tweet 7

In this example the link is

Now here’s the clever bit…every time somebody Tweets that link, they will also Tweet the photo, and the photo will go in their photo stream on Twitter!

So now we are back to the previous article again…

Step 8: Create your Tweet and include this image link, as below, and finally click ‘Generate New Link’

Click to Tweet 8

That’s it, you’re done! Click to Tweet will give you the link and every time you get somebody to click the link, your image will be shared on Twitter 🙂

This might seem like hard work finding out how to add images with click to tweet but it will only take 5 minutes and the massive upsurge in engagement rates and social sharing are more than worth it!

ACTION: Sign up for a free account at and get started. Think about your images you have on your website, or use in your blogs/emails (product images, quotes etc.) and see if you can make them tweet-able!

Top Tip 1: The key here is still to make your tweet useful or entertaining rather than too sales-y, as remember what people tweet is a reflection of themselves, so they want to appear either helpful or show the world something cool!

Top Tip 2: The exact same process works with GIFs too!


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