How to Become, ‘That Successful Guy’ People Look up to

Who do you admire in your field of business? Or rather, who are you most jealous of in your industry? Who’s that lucky so-so who’s racking in all the money and having the time of their life?

What sets you apart from them?

Would you like to have their success? We can help you to do just that.

Sometimes you know you are just as good or have just the same amount of potential, so why are they doing better? Well we encourage you now to find out. You’ve heard of the phrase ‘keep your friends close, enemies closer’. Well it’s the same in the business world too. ‘Enemies’ probably isn’t the right word, all we are saying is pay attention and learn from the people who have already ‘done it.’

So go hunt out those ‘successful’ (they might not be) people you admire, or are jealous off. Invest a little into ‘market research’ as to how they go about doing what they do. Buy into their services, hire them, go through their website and online presence, read their blogs and subscribe, follow them. What they do must be working for them, but what is it, here’s your chance to see what their secret ingredient is. Is it the experience they give you, or perhaps the techniques they use, is it the free ebooks they provide, is it the people they collaborate with, is it that their webinars are great, does their website build more credibility for them, is it who they network with, maybe it’s just their level of skill that sets them out or a cool back end membership area to their website?

What ever it is you can learn from what they are doing. You can take what you have learnt and improve the way you do your business. You will immediately see results because it is already proven.

ACTION: Write down the top few people you admire in your industry, those who look like they are making it big.

ACTION: Really take some time to know everything about them and HOW they do it. If possible, spend some money to buy their service/product.

ACTION: Learn from them, write down what they are doing that makes them so successful. Think about how you can implement something similar in your business, improve on it even.

ACTION: Believe in yourself, you can do just as well as them, if not better. There is always time for self development and investment to make things work.