How to Build your Email List on Twitter

Today, we wanted to chat to you about how to build your email list on Twitter.

It is no secret Twitter is one of our favourite platforms, mainly due to the openness of it – you can connect with so many cool people you don’t already know, so easily. However it is easy to get bogged down with your follower number and forget 2 drawbacks to marketing on Twitter.

Drawback 1: It isn’t yours. One day (hopefully not in the near future), it may go the way of MySpace

Drawback 2: It is bleeping noisy, and easy to blend into the barrage of Tweets if you aren’t careful

So, we would encourage you to be using Twitter to build your email list. It is a clever strategy, and one that we use in our own business. It solves the above drawbacks…

Solution 1: You own your email list. It shouldn’t be going anywhere

Solution 2: Getting attention in an email inbox is much easier than in a Twitter Feed (though yes, that still has its challenges)

So… are you building your list on Twitter to full effect?

The first thing you need is a Lead Magnet. Something that you can give away for free in exchange for an email. This doesn’t have to take you weeks to create. In fact, some studies have shown that the best lead magnets are the ones that provide a quick but extremely useful solution to a specific problem.

So your Lead Magnet doesn’t necessarily need to be a 50 page ebook, or online course. It could be a 5 minute video, or some actionable tips/secrets/strategies that your target audience will find extremely valuable. Or it could be something like a live or recorded webinar. There’s countless options here to choose from.

ACTION: Create your Lead Magnet. We have a ton of advice for this over on atomic for all you amazing members.

Now we need to offer this in exchange for an email.

So, getting back to the topic, where do we ‘advertise’ this Lead Magnet on Twitter to grow our list? There’s 4 key places.

Number 1: Put a link in your bio

Starting off easy, simply put a link in your bio, to a page where the person can download your Lead Magnet. A good tip here is to make the link look ‘pretty’. URL shorteners can look a bit spammy in your bio, so ensure it is something like

If people are checking out your bio, and your copy is enticing enough, chances are they will click that link.

ACTION: Edit your bio, to include a link to your Lead Magnet.

Number 2: Your Tweets

If you are interacting and sharing enough good content on Twitter there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing a link to a Lead Magnet every once in awhile. The frequency of how many times you can do this depends on how many Tweets you have going out each day, and how many Lead Magnets you have. What you really don’t want is every other Tweet being a link to the same Lead Magnet!

Since we have over 7 Lead Magnets now and regularly Tweet, we can put at least 1 Lead Magnet out each day. Most experts suggest around 80% content curation, and 20% self promotional (i.e. Lead Magnets/Self Promo).

ACTION: These type of Tweets are perfect scheduling fodder, use something like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, ManageFlitter or Edgar to schedule out these Tweets.

Number 3: Your Blogs

This is a slightly longer way around, but if you have a back catalog of evergreen (not time stamped) blogs, posting them out regularly on Twitter is a must do. However, at the end or in the middle of a blog, have a Lead Magnet that offers more information about the subject. You can use the same Lead Magnet in numerous blogs as long as they are relevant to the subject of the blog. As a great example of this, scroll right to the bottom of this blog to check out our awesome Twitter 600 strategy on growing your Twitter following full of targeted people.

ACTION: Go through all your historic blogs and add in your Lead Magnet to the relevant ones. Schedule these out regularly.

Number 4: Twitter Cards

The Twitter Advertising Platform has gotten much stronger as of late, and if you haven’t already you must check out Twitter Lead Generation Cards. They allow your audience to share their email address with you from within Twitter, so you aren’t sending them away to another site a click away, but collecting detail righ there and then. Cool right!?

ACTION: Who better to explain more about how these work than Twitter themselves. Here’s the link to read more about Lead Generation Cards.