How to Create an Ebook in Canva

We were once working with a client – who was struggling to sell an expensive course.

We solved their issue with one quick fix: A BETTER DESIGNED BROCHURE. 

People judge a book by it’s cover (no matter how many times we’re told not to), so in this weeks video, we show you how to create better looking ebooks with Canva (a completely free tool).

Back to that client…

The course was £5000, but it didn’t look it. The branding was wrong. We created them the prettiest drop dead gorgeous ebook that sold 6 spots within the week. Do the maths. That was a win ????

Now… we wish it was always that easy. It’s not. But it IS ALWAYS easier when you look the part.

In the above video we show you how to make an Ebook that looks the business, that you can use for lead magnets, brochures, or even products! After watching that, check out…


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