How to Create an Elevator Pitch for Business Networking

In this video and blog we tell you how to create an elevator pitch for business networking.

Now, we are going to tackle this from a slightly different angle. A lot of the advice out there regarding crafting the perfect elevator pitch, includes things like: sell the benefits of your service, make it about them not you, talk about problems you solve etc. 

All solid advice, however, we have never really been sold on the fundamentals of what an elevator pitch actually is (we wrote this article about the elevator pitch myth back in 2015), it’s not like we go round repeating the same thing to everybody we meet, that would especially get tedious in a regular business networking setting.

So, when we started business networking when we set up our business (we did A LOT of networking by the way), we broke the rules a bit.

How to Create a Memorable Elevator Pitch.

See, we don’t think anybody is going to be that compelled to buy from you after hearing you talk for 60 seconds, no matter what you say. Unless you have a brand new, unique product, they probably already know the benefits of your service too.

So what did we do?  

Instead of focusing on selling our product in the 60 seconds, we focused on getting people to come up and talk to us AFTER the meeting, and more importantly REMEMBER US once they had gone back to their office.

You meet a lot of people at these events, look at it like a fight to the death – with everybody else in the room – to be remembered after it’s over.

Once you do this, you realise what should and shouldn’t go in your elevator pitch.

This strategy worked so well for us, even to this day people will get back in touch with us because they remembered us from years ago :O

So here’s your new purpose for an elevator pitch: Do a Pitch that nobody is going to forget.

You’ve probably heard the cliche… know > like > trust.

You have to go through all of these stages when networking to get a sale, but being a bit more memorable in your pitch will move you from know > like quicker, so you see results quicker too.

3 ways you can create a memorable elevator pitch

Number 1: We’re going to start crazy… do a stunt that nobody else would dare to do.


Here’s us dressed as zombies at a networking event because it was Halloween, we done the whole pitch zombie-style. We got business dressed like this on the day. We’ve also thrown chocolate across the room, gave everybody a Christmas present, and once let off an indoor firework.

A stunt like this is often really cheap to do, but breaks up the laboriousness of hearing people stand up and talk about themselves, plus it guarantees you’ll be talked about and remembered.

Number 2: Bring a Prop. And Make it punny. We once saw an accountant bring a pillow and say “Hey, I’m an accountant, I brought this pillow if anybody wants to nap while I speak.”

Now that’s a cool accountant! Props always go down well, so mix it up.

Number 3: Make a Noise. Another great way to break the boredom of hearing people speak about themselves is to do something noisy. It could be play some music, have some sound effects, or once we literally brought all of our kitchen pans, but them on the table and banged on them with spoons while talking. The point was we can help you break through the noisy world we live in with clever marketing, but the real point was… remember the 2 crazy kids that brought their pans to networking.

That’s all folks

Boom! That’s how to create an elevator pitch for business networking!

10 Ideas for Networking Pitchs by Andrew and Pete

Truth be told, networking can take time to build relationships. You need to move people from Know > Like > Trust as quickly as possible in a genuine way, and we’ve found using this strategy really works.

If you want some more ideas, grab our FREE download: 10 ideas for networking pitches that will be remembered in YEARS. Just click here to get it. Warning: It’s not for the boring.

See you next time.


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