How to Create Social Media Graphics

So, you’re not a designer and you have NO IDEA how to create those cool looking graphics you see on Social Media?

You’ve given it a go… but anything you creates looks like a ruddy good mess… and not in a Jackson Pollock way… in the way that a 7 year old’s artwork on the fridge may look. Not a look you want for your business.

You also don’t want to hire a designer every time you see a new quote that would look amazing on your Instagram.

Well fear not my friend… we’ve got your back.

This video shows you a simple design style you can replicate on Canva (or whatever else you use) that looks da bomb! Using only 4 elements.

Design is just a series of actions taken by somebody who has a good eye for it (designers don’t send us hate mail… we know how awesome you are… this stuff aint easy).

But if you follow these examples… swap out the colours for your colours, images for your images, and words for your words, WHILST KEEPING THE LAYOUT THE SAME, you’ll be creating amazing looking graphics in no time.

We’ll repeat a bit because it is important… you must keep the layout the same. Don’t play with it, or you risk ruining it.

Happy designing.


As a special bonus, we’ve filled this download with a WHOPPING 9 MORE styles you can use this same system on, to create even more amazing looking graphics on Canva (or your preferred tool).

Click here to watch it for free.