How to Embed Your Facebook Videos

Yesterday we talked about posting videos natively on Facebook, and how key Facebook users are seeing much more reach when doing so.

Today we wanted to talk about how to embed those videos into blog posts – as that is a great advantage of Youtube video – that you can do with Facebook too!

First thing to note is that in order for this to work, your video must be public and not set to private, as even though you can embed private videos – people aren’t going to be able to see them, which makes embedding them in your blog posts a bit pointless.

Step 1: Find and open your video on Facebook.
Step 2: Click ‘options’ at the bottom of the video
Step 3: Select either ‘Embed Post’ or ‘Embed Video’
Step 4: Copy the code Facebook gives you
Step 5: Paste it into your blog as you would a Youtube Video

Note the difference between embedding the post and embedding the video. Embedding the video will just embed the video into your blog, embedding the post will embed the whole post which also includes your status update from when you originally posted the video, a like button, and any comments the video has. Each has their advantages, but if you embed the post you may pick up some extra likes too!

ACTION: After you have posted your first Facebook Native Video, create a blog post on your website that embeds the video and use this to share on your social channels.