How to Ensure Your Phone Number and Email are Clickable from a Mobile Device

With mobile marketing becoming all the more important, and more and more people surfing the internet from their phones these days, it is really important to get the basic ‘mobile-friendly’ functionality right.

A really easy ‘mobile-friendly’ improvement you can make to your website is to make sure your phone number and email address are clickable.

So if somebody is out and about browsing on their phone, stumbles across your website and wants to get in touch with you – you make it as easy as possible!

This is even more important if the Most Wanted Action on your website is for the visitors to get in touch to make an appointment (e.g. Hairdressers, Solicitors, Accountants etc.)

Some internet browsers will automatically detect a phone number (e.g. Safari on the iPhone), but it is best to be safe and make sure all your numbers are clickable across all browsers.

Luckily, this is really easy to do. All you need is a little bit of code.

Making a Phone Number Clickable

To make a phone number clickable all you need is to paste this little bit of code into your website where you want it (on WordPress it needs to go into the Text Editor, not the Visual Editor). Here it is:


<a href=”tel:01912293452″>0191 229 3452</a>


Importantly the first number in the string of code should have no gaps. The second number is the bit of text the customer sees, so this can have gaps to make it easier to read, or you could even add in a call to action such as…


<a href=”tel:01912293452″>Give us a buzz on 0191 229 3452</a>


which looks like this: Give us a buzz on 0191 229 3452


Making an Email Address Clickable

This is very similar to making a phone number clickable. All you need is this bit of code:


<a href=””></a>


Again, the first email address in the string of code should contain no spaces but you can once again include your call to action where the second email address in the strong of code is. For example


<a href=””>Drop us an email on</a>


looks like this: Drop us an email on


You don’t even have to include your email address in the second part of the code, for example:


<a href=””>Email us – you know you want to!</a>


looks like this: Email us – you know you want to!


So there you have it – how to make your contact details clickable from a mobile device!

ACTION: Go check your website on a mobile device and see if your contact details are clickable

ACTION: If they are, high 5 yourself…

ACTION: If they aren’t try implementing this, or send this article to your web designer and ask if they can update your site!