How to Grow your Facebook Group

Facebook groups are great for building a community for your business to form stronger relationships with your prospective clients. If you want to learn more about how to why or how to use Facebook groups to grow your business then view our article on it.

This article is all about how to get people to join your Facebook group – after all what’s the point if no one is in your group.

The most important part to all this is of course maintaining a good group that people WANT to belong to and good enough to get them to invite their friends to the group too. For more tips on this, see here.

It is also really important to know who you want to join the group as this should go in the group description. It will make it a much easier decision to join the group if it relates to the right people and will ensure the wrong people don’t join, thus giving you better quality members.

Here’s our Top Tips:

– Encourage people to join your group from your like page.

– Invite people face to face.

– Invite people in your newsletters.

– Invite people straight away on your thank you page/email after they have opted-in for your lead magnet, or after they have bought something. It is at this point when they will be most keen!

– Make sure people can find your page on Facebook search: Start by choosing a name that reflects what the group is all about and/or your business/product name. Don’t make the name cryptic with acronyms and have the most important keywords at the beginning of the name because that’s what people will see in their sidebar (not the whole name). Moreover use the right keywords related to your group topic or niche if you want your group to be found in the Facebook search results e.g. if it is about ‘list building’ you should have in your name keywords such as list building, lead generation, database building, etc. Using 3-4 ‘search keywords’ in your group name usually has the best results to help people find you through Facebook search results. Moreover you will be more likely to appear in the ‘recommended’ Facebook groups list. Final point on search would be to also choose 3 similar keywords to go in your description and ‘tags’ (under description at group settings) to let Facebook know what your group is all about.

– You can very easily just add your Facebook ‘friends’ to your group, so we would recommend adding people who you deem ‘appropriate’ to the group.

– Look the part – so make sure you add a great group header image that gets across what the page is about and what kind of community you want to build. Here’s some tips on how to fake being a graphic designer.

– You can ask your friends to invite people. What you can also do is ask your close friends to be a admin on the group so that THEY can just add all their contacts to the group. This is an extremely quick way to grow your group, but you have to be careful with the quality of the people invited. Either way encourage your members to invite their friends in your posts, group description and per private message directly when inviting them to your group. Maybe even reward them for doing so?

– If you are a member of other groups, why not invite those people to come over to join your group too. We would only recommend doing this if you are active on that group and so it doesn’t just look like spam. A genuine approach at appropriate times always works best.

– Promote your group on other social media accounts you have.

That’s it! Remember that building genuine relationships with group members is the path to getting more sales and referrals, so focus as much on engaging with members as growing your group.

ACTION: Start to be proactive with your Facebook group and use these tips to start getting new members to join.