Improve your sales

We don’t need to preach that sales is the lifeblood of any business, right?! 


But what we do need to stress, is the importance of dealing with this head on. 


If generating sales is one of your weakest areas, then you need to pay close attention as it's probably the most impactful. 


Not dealing with this now is costing you thousands of pounds each week. Ouch.


Literally if you could just sell better, you would be getting new customers on demand. 


We don’t want you to be missing out on any more sales. 


How many more customers do you want? Let’s make it happen. 


(Also, if you’re at capacity, then there’s plenty more things you can sell that don’t take up your time).


We have lot’s more information on how to get more sales, but for now we just want to start with the biggest problem, your sales confidence… 


We were talking to one of our members, Laura. 


She had dreams of having a successful business but yet she struggled to get sales. 


Her income was around the £1,700/month mark which is fantastic but for her, she felt she could and should be earning more by now. 


She had been in business for 4yrs and felt like she should be doing better. 


She had lost a few clients and was feeling down when spoke to her. 


With the drop, her confidence was also at rock bottom. 


She seemed to be getting leads and enquiries but no-one was signing up. 


Was it a marketing problem? A product problem? A pricing problem? 


She was telling us about this new client (let's call her Debbie) she really wanted to sign up who seemed like a perfect fit. 

But then Debbie ghosted Laura (we’ve all been there right?).


We asked Laura if she didn't mind sharing the email communication with us, to see if we could spot what had gone wrong - and when she shared it with us - it was super clear to us what had happened...


​It wasn’t anything to do with funnels, or pricing, or her services. 


Laura did not come across as confident in the emails.


There was lots of "we could do this" and "let's maybe look at this" and "this might work if."


Which clearly wasn't getting Debbie excited.​


But we know Laura… and we know she knows her stuff! (So do you btw).


We know she's wayyyy better than how she was coming across in these emails. Her confidence had just taken a knock.


And so we said to her "Look, you're about to lose Debbie here for good, she's not replied to you in over a week, can we just write an email for you, that you're going to send to her"


And she agreed.

Sales is the life blood of your business.


In the email we wrote as ‘Confident Laura’ we told Debbie what the real opportunity was here, how confident we were that we (i.e. Laura) could deliver good results, we were assertive in what the next logical step was, and offered an easy first step and price to try our (Laura's) service.


We didn't say this in the email... but we wrote it thinking Debbie would be STUPID to not give us (Laura) a shot.


Can you guess what happened?

Laura messaged us a few days later to say that Debbie had taken her up on the offer. 




And it gets better...


Laura really took onboard this mentality of ‘I provide a great and valuable service, my ideal client would be stupid not to hire me’... 


And after just a couple of months Laura messaged us to let us know her income had now reached over £11,700/month!




And here’s the thing, literally NOTHING else in her business had changed. 


She hadn’t built a fancy sales page, or changed her offering or done a marketing push.


She was just more assertive and confident. And after each new sale her confidence grew a little more each time. ​


This is why overconfident slime-balls selling crap products/services are able to make a ton of money, fleecing people.


They are confident and assertive and people buy into them because of that.


​But you're not an over-confident slime-ball (at least we hope not). You're better than that. You know your stuff, you are humble, you are nice, and you actually deserve success. Just like Laura.


So remember, if you are selling something that you believe in and to the right person, make the assumption that they would be STUPID to not buy from you...


... and then in your sales conversations (email, phone, DMs etc.), be assertive and be confident.


​This isn't being cocky/salesy/pushy... this is simply believing in yourself.


And that belief in yourself will translate to your potential clients believing in you too. 


And only then will you get the sale.


We're telling you this today to remind you, that your level of confidence is always going to correlate with your level of sales.


Have you ever wondered why you struggle with sales? 


Look anywhere online and you’ll find people selling you email templates that will make you a million pounds overnight… You can buy into and build all the sales funnels, emails and create all the ads you like but all you’re doing is avoiding the deeper REAL problem. 


Fix the sales confidence, and you fix everything in your business. 


Here's a video about how to get more confident with your selling...