How to Make an Animated Photo Using GIFs

Today we are talking about how to make an animated photo using GIFs. Lost you yet? Don’t worry, we are sure you know what a GIF is already. A GIF is simply a group of images on a continuous loop. You will have most likely seen them online somewhere. Here’s an example:

How to make an animated GIF

Pretty cool right? Now believe it or not, these are super simple to create, and can be super effective marketing tools too.

Let’s start with how to create them…

If you know how to use Photoshop, you can create them from within the software, however it can be just as easy to use one of the many online GIF-creation tools.

We’ve had a play with a good handful them, and we think the clear winner is

What we really like about ‘Make a Gif’ is that you can create GIFs to custom sizes, it is really easy to upload your photos and re-arrange them, you can set your GIFS to public or private, your GIFs are stored online but you can also download them to your computer AND if you sign up with Facebook or Twitter it is 100% FREE to use the GIFs without a watermark on them,

How to use them in your marketing

Once you know how to create an animated photo, using GIFs can really make your marketing fun. Remember Visual Marketing is very important these days, and GIFs can add a whole other level to this. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Use them on your website to make your pages a bit more fun. For example, on your ‘Team’ page you may want to create a GIF for each team member, that flips between a ‘serious’ photograph, and a light hearted one.
  • Use them in your email marketing, to make your campaigns more memorable and fun.
  • Use them to show the features and benefits of your product – think before and after photos all rolled into one. You can show exactly what your product does with some specific photos shown in the right order.
  • Highlight your Most Wanted Action. We’ve talked about Most Wanted Action’s being important in all marketing you do. A GIF can be a great way to draw attention towards that MWA.
  • Use them in your Social Media – GIFs can be used on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ amongst others.
  • Use them to instruct. You may be able to break down a process into a handful of photos, and use GIFs to educate your audience in a visual way.

ACTION: Make a list of where you are using photos or graphics in your marketing.

ACTION: Use this list as inspiration for where you could incorporate the use of GIFs.

ACTION: As a practice, so you know how easy it actually is, visit and have a go with some random photos making a gif.


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