4 Ways to Find Time for your Content Marketing

One of the main complaints we have from small business owners when discussing content marketing is that they simply don’t have time. Is this you? Are you constantly rushed off your feet trying to do all your client work, in meetings, or out networking?

Firstly, making time for your business is all about mindset. A personal trainer once told us if you want to lose weight you have to want to lose weight more than you want to eat a cake. This is true for content marketing too. Firstly, you need to see it as a good thing, because it is! It is an investment of time to push your business forward.

Secondly, here’s a tip that helped us find time for our content marketing. Make sure you have some ‘atomic time’ to work on your marketing. In your diary, book the same time out each week for a few hours, and in this time do your content marketing, and all the other marketing jobs you have to do that week.

Now you need to be strict with yourself, there will come a time, when somebody will want to meet you on that Thursday morning, they may even say it is the only time they can do. Reply ‘Sorry that time is booked up already.’ DO NOT make any appointments during your marketing time and get in the habit of saying NO. If anything, you will look better, as you are the one with the busy diary. After a month, and you’ll soon be in the habit of spending time on your content marketing.

Thirdly, if you find some spare time, where it may not be productive to start some ‘work’, think about your content marketing. Get out your phone or a notepad and start taking some notes. Whenever you feel inspired by anything, make sure you have a place to document it, and then during your marketing time you will already have some inspiration to get going.

If you are feeling inspired, don’t stop at one blog, keep going and build up a stock! Remember the more quality blogs the better.

Fourthly, check out this article about repurposing your content!

ACTION: Look in your diary and block out a time this week, or next and for every single week coming up.

ACTION: Create a note on your phone called: Content Ideas, or buy a small note pad you can easily carry everywhere with you, where you can jot down moments of inspiration.