How to Make Your Business Event Fun

In the last few weeks we have not only planned and held our own networking event (atomic networking) in our local business community, but we also attended the inaugural ‘Talking Point of Business’ (TPBiz) event organised by Heather Williams from Talking Point Events and Tiana Wilson-Buys from Talking Business.

Side Note: It was pretty cool seeing those two businesses come together since we were involved in the logo design and brand names of each business!

Both our event and the Talking Point of Business event, went down really well…and we personally think that it was because they were fun! Yes, they were both well organised with good attendees and good content, but we think what really made them stand out against other business events was that they weren’t stuffy, they were fun!

So we wanted to share just 3 of the ideas Heather, Tiana, and us had on how to make your business event fun too!

Number 1. The Ice Breakers

It is extremely important at any event to make attendees feel involved in the event as soon as they come through the door. We approached this from different angles with the same results. At TPBiz we were given a ‘secret fact’ about somebody in the room, and without asking directly we had to find out who our fact belonged too. This was a fun way to get people talking.

At atomic networking, we made people pick out a ‘selfie challenge’, whereby they had to go and take a selfie with another attendee whilst completing their challenge. E.g. One challenge was to take a selfie with another attendee and pull a funny face last minute, which resulted in this humdinger…


What both Ice Breakers did was give people something to talk about to other attendees straight away, which is really important in those opening moments.

ACTION: Think about how you can almost force your attendees to talk to each other, so they start to interact almost immediately.

Number 2. Taking it online

We’ve talked about using Twitter at events previously, and both these events used Twitter really well. This is a great way to gain more mileage from your event, and to generate some buzz. Just imagine the attention that selfie above got! We can’t stop laughing…

ACTION: Find a hashtag that isn’t currently regularly used to adopt as the official hashtag for the event. We went with #atomicnetworking and #TPBiz

The key here is to give people a reason to use the hashtag rather than assuming they are going too. At atomic networking we encouraged people to Tweet their selfies to win a prize, and at TPBiz there were LOADS of reasons to Tweet using the hashtag. We actually won the prize at TPBiz for the best selfie with TP the parrot…


Number 3. Prizes to be won

Talking about winning prizes, it is always nice to give your attendees a chance to win something, but you can be a bit more imaginative here than a bottle of wine and some chocolates. At TPBiz, there was a booby prize for the worst Tweeter (a bag of bird seed), and at atomic networking we had a ‘mystery big bag of prizes’ full of everything from a whoopee cushion, bubble wrap, a kite and a birdhouse to name a few, winners had to pick out a prize without looking.

Again we are just adding to the atmosphere here to make the events a bit different to your standard.

Now, event content is just as important to all these ‘fun parts’ however we are big believers that if you mix fantastic content, with a memorable experience you are onto an event winner! After all it is experiences that people hold dear to their heart and go tell everyone about. Holding events can be a great way to market your business, increase your brand awareness, and build your credibility, so when you do put on events you need to maximise the opportunities.

Leaving people with a smile on their face – that they subconsciously attribute to working with your business – can only be a good thing!

We would be interested in what your thoughts were too. Leave your comments in the box below…


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