How to Maximise the Effect of your Humble ‘About’ Page

Just like bad jokes at Christmas, tan lines in the Summer, and Louis Walsh on The X Factor, the ‘About’ page on a website is a true constant. In fact, the About page is such a constant, it is almost easy to forget about it or not take it very seriously.

However did you know that studies have shown that after your Home Page, the About Page is often the MOST VISITED page on your website.

Now you are taking it more seriously right!?

So, this article is going to explain how to maximise it.

First things first, what is the purpose of your about page?

Actually, let’s start with what your About page isn’t. Your About page isn’t a place to bore the socks of your visitors! It isn’t a place to have a lengthy essay about who you are, where you are based and how long you have been going. We see that all too often.

We need to keep the interest of our visitors, and build up trust, so the About page in a nutshell is a place where you can put a face to the name, and show people why you care and why you do what you do.

ACTION: We are going to go through a list of features your About page should have. Get open your About page now, and after each feature write down how yours compares and more importantly how you are going to improve it.

What should be on your About page?

1. Your Values and Your Story. This is important which is why we have put it first. The most powerful About pages don’t get across what you do, buy why you do it. We have talked about the ‘why’ in marketing quite frequently, and this is a place where you can use it to great affect. Don’t lead with “we have been going X amount of years,” that’s boring! Tell people why you came to be, tell a story, say why you care and why they should care too!

2. Your People. As the cliche goes ‘people buy from people.’ But this is in fact very very true. So your About Page should have your key people on there so the visitors can put a face to the company. Have some great headshots taken of your people that get across your brand and have a little bit about each person with their contact details. A nice touch may also be linking to a separate page about each person.

3. Why you are different. Using point 1, don’t forget to get across why you are different and what it is like working with you!

4. An invitation to join your community. This page is all about building up trust, so once you have done that, it is a great place to ask visitors to join your community e.g. Follow you on Twitter, Like you on Facebook, Subscribe to your mailing list.

5. Testimonials / Bling. A great way to build credibility is to include glowing testimonials and Website Bling (awards, certifications, accreditations, member associations etc.) You may have these on your Home Page, but get them on your About page too!

6. A Call to Action. Finally, don’t forget to ask the visitors to do something! Don’t leave them hanging. Either have a contact form right there on your About page, or a big Call to Action button telling the visitor what to do next. A good About page will build credibility, trust and ensure the visitor likes you! Don’t let that go to waste by not telling the visitor what to do next.