How to Not Write About your Product/Service

This is a strange one, but let’s talk about not writing about your product and services for a bit!

Sometimes people say to us: “My product or service isn’t interesting enough to talk about,” or “Why would people want to read about what we do.” Or response to that…it doesn’t always have to be about you.

Here’s what we mean. With your content marketing, you are trying to attract your potential customers through interesting, engaging content, and we are sure your customers have something else in common other than you.

Make a list of potential problems your customers face, as well as a list of things they may have in common. Try to see if you can write 10.

Now, here is a list of 10 topics you can write about.

Let’s give you an example. Accountancy can be quite a dry subject, lots of numbers and tables, but their customers have more in common than needing an accountant. They may run a business, they may live in a certain area, they may be a certain type of business.

So now instead of writing solely about accountancy, you can write about business development or what to do in the local area.

You are still providing value to your customers, but the value is built around them, and you have a lot more to write about and give value back to your customer.

Big companies are great at doing this. Nike and Adidas publish a lot of content built around Health and Fitness, because that’s what their customers have in common, but there is no reason micro businesses can’t utilise this tactic either.

ACTION: Ask some of your top customers what information would be useful to them, other than content around your product/service.

ACTION: Make a list of topics you could intertwine into your content marketing strategy.