How to Promote Your Blog

A lot of businesses now understand why they should be blogging, BUT most we find are missing the most important part… how to promote their blog!

A blog without a solid promotion strategy might as well not be a blog… because nobody is going to see it!! So watch the video above and find out in 5 minutes how to drive more people to your blog.

Don’t worry either we’re not just going to say ‘post it on social media and make sure it ranks in Google’, these are 4 strategies we use at Andrew and Pete to get more views of our content. 

The Ultimate Blog Promo Checklist


Publishing a blog is just step 1, now you have to drive traffic to it! In this checklist we give you a printable checklist of what you should do AFTER you hit publish, to ensure your blogs gain maximum exposure.

Download it here.




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Video Transcript (for you book worms)

– – So, you’ve published your latest blog post, and you want tonnes of eyeballs on it, right? – You’re hoping it might get found in search, but let’s be honest, SEO can sometimes take a little bit of time, and sometimes it’s out of your control as well, so what other ways, what other tactics are you gonna use to drive traffic to your blog? Keep on watching to find out. Okay, we’ve got four main promo ways to talk about in this video. The very first one is post on social media. Okay, let’s go a little bit deeper than that. Posting on social media is great, but what are we specifically doing on social media to promote our blog posts? – Number one: evergreen rescheduling. If this blog post is evergreen, then you’re gonna want to add it to a recurring post schedule, because you’re gonna want to post it numerous times. – You can do this manually by keeping track of all your blog posts in a spreadsheet, and then every week, scheduling them to go out, but there are a tonne of tools that will do this for you, such as Recurpost, Smarter Queue, and Edgar, but one of our favourite ones is called This is a great one to kind of get started with. There is a completely free version of this as well, and what it basically does is it will set up a full 12-month promotional schedule for every new blog that you post on your website, so go and check that one out. – Number two: social repurposing. Another way to promote your blog post on social media is to repurpose that bit of content into something that is preferred by that social media platform that you’re posting it on. – Little bit of a mouthful. – It was. – For example, Snapchat. Create a story about that bit of content. Facebook is loving live video at the moment. Why not go live on Facebook and talk about the blog post? Instagram, you’re gonna want to create some square graphics around the content of that blog post and post them onto Instagram, and each time you do this, you should tell people to check out the original bit of content on your blog. – Our friends at KPS Digital Marketing do this incredibly well on Facebook, where they create a promo video for each blog that they write, and post that natively onto Facebook linking back to that original blog, because they know that Facebook loves video at the moment, so if they were to just post a text link reaching back to that blog, it wouldn’t get very much reach, but by adding the video, it gives them a wider reach. – God, they’re so smart. – I know. I hate those guys. – I hate them so much, too. Gonna take you down, guys. – I’m gonna shave off all your hair, Dan. – Yeah, and the other one, we’re gonna do something to you, too. – Yeah. – Yeah. – What’s his name again? – Don’t know. – The other one. – Dan’s brother. That’s what I call him. – Number three, the sneak and tab collab. Sneak and tag collab. – Jazz hands. This is a really cool one. If you use any case studies or examples, or if you mention any businesses or brands, or even people in a favourable light in your blog, then reach out on social media or in any other way and let them know you’ve mentioned them in your blog post. Chances are, they’ll share it on your behalf, which is awesome, but you have to be careful here not too look too disingenuous. We aren’t just tagging people so that they’ll go and share our content. We’re tagging them because they actually add some kind of value to the blog post, and if they share it on our behalf, then that’s just a bonus point. – Number four, email marketing. We love this one, too, but it can have a little bit of a bad reputation for being overly salesy or spammy or just plain boring, but this is what we do. We send our email list relevant, interesting, and valuable information before sending any kind of sales messages. So, if you’ve wrote a kick-ass blog post, feel free to send it to your list, because it’s valuable to them. – We also think if you are combining your email marketing and your blogging, it almost forces you to write better blogs, because if you know you’re gonna send it out to your list, you wanna make it as good as possible. – Okay, you guys. I hope that was uber helpful for you. – Yes, we think promoting your blog is just as important as writing your blog, because if you’re not promoting it, there’s just no point, and so, to help you out, we have combined a list that we are calling The Ultimate Blog Promo Checklist. – Whoa. – Whoa. – [Pete] That sounds good. – In it is a printable checklist, so every time you publish a new post, you can go through and you can tick off all the things that you need to be doing to get as many people to look at your blog as possible. We’ve put the link to that below this video, around this video, somewhere. You’ll be able to find it, I’m sure. – On your forehead. – So, go and check that out. I’ve been Andrew. – I’ve been Pete. – Please subscribe to this channel for more of these weekly videos, and we’ll see you next week. – Yes, bye!