How to Sell on Social | The Double It Rule

Wondering how to sell on social? How many times have you posted something ‘salesy’ on social media and have it totally bomb?

Loads of times, right?

So what’s the answer?

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Social Selling – How to Sell on Social Media with Integrity

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Wondering how to sell on social? How many times have you posted something ‘salesy’ on social media and have it totally bomb?

Loads of times, right?

So what’s the answer?

You go back to your trusty old social media strategy. You know the one: the manual that promises you’ll be fine if you just ‘put the social back in social media’.

  • The one that tells you that you just need to focus on authentic, human relationship building, on driving engagement, on increasing trust.
  • The one that tells you to post helpful stuff on every social media platform ever in the hope that it might lead to a new customer.
  • The one that tells you to do pretty much everything apart from actually trying to get sales.

Only, that doesn’t work out too well either — you end up with a whole bunch of followers…and no sales. 😢

And it’s super frustrating because all of that posting and fostering relationships takes time and effort; when it doesn’t pay off you feel like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall.

A business strategy based on hope?

The reason it’s so frustrating? Because you’re not in control.

You’re basing all of your business goals on the hope that somebody is going to see your content in the first place, that they’re going to take the initiative to click on it, that they’ll magically find their way to your website, and that they’ll somehow be compelled to contact you with their credit card in hand, ready to buy. You’re just waiting around, hoping the sales will roll in.🙏

All of which is a leap too far — hope just isn’t a realistic business strategy.

So now what’s the answer? Has anyone ever actually managed to find success from selling through social media?

Well, yes, as it happens. In fact, one person in particular immediately springs to mind: our rising star, Nicole Osborne.

Nicole’s social media sales success

Nicole’s had a bit of a tough time recently. Not only did she lose clients when the pandemic hit, but she also had to start homeschooling, which severely reduced her available work hours. At that point it would have been easy for her to just give up.

But, instead of folding, she bounced right back.

She knew she needed to fill some of the spots that she’d lost in her one-to-one coaching programme, Wunderstars, but she didn’t have the time to create all of the social media content that usually worked. So she ditched the social media manual and cut back on the amount of helpful content that she was creating. Then she reallocated her finite time into being more proactive with her social media strategy by creating actual sales content.

And she absolutely nailed it!💪

In fact, she has more clients now than she did before lockdown. She’s proof that if you invest more time into being proactive with your sales, then you can start to get more sales through social media.

How to sell on social – ‘The Double It Rule’

While building a community, creating helpful content, and yes, being social, are all pretty great, as Nicole discovered there’s no substitute for being proactive on the sales side of social media marketing as well.

So, naturally you’re now wondering just how much time you should spend actually selling on social media.

Well, what worked for Nicole — and what works for us too — is to spend double the amount of time creating sales content than you do creating audience building content.

If getting more sales is more important to you than getting more likes (and it probably is!) then how you allocate your time should reflect those priorities. Spending twice as much time proactively trying to sell rather than just building your audience ensures that your business is constantly moving forward — it ensures you’re focusing your efforts on the activities that have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

Finding the time to double down

Of course, we know that sounds like a lot, especially if audience building stuff has been your main focus until now. So we’re going to give you a few ideas on what doubling down on your sales-specific content might actually look like.

Say you spend one day a week creating helpful, audience building content, try to spend two days a week on sales.

This could be things like proactively reaching out and building key relationships with potential customers, getting in front of other people’s audiences, creating purposeful content that drives people towards your sales funnels, improving your sales funnels, creating sales videos to post, and improving your ads.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can do to start selling more.

Still worried about fitting it all in?

Still not convinced you can find the time to apply the ‘double it rule’?

Try this: ditch the guilt

Ditch the guilt of trying to be everywhere, all the time. Maybe you need to post less frequently, maybe you need to stop spreading yourself too thin by trying to be on every single platform, maybe you don’t need to repurpose every little bit of every single piece of content you create.

If you only have three hours a week to do everything, maybe just one hour of that should be spent on the  audience building content, and the other two hours should be focused on sales.

That’s what worked for Nicole; she didn’t post on her usual platforms quite so regularly but because the time she did spend on social media was dedicated to proactively generating sales, she actually managed to grow her business at a time when loads of other people were struggling to even maintain their current sales levels. 

Not a bad endorsement, right?

Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t invest time in creating content; obviously you should. We love creating content, the more the better. But if increasing sales is your priority, make it a priority.

And make sure how you’re spending your time reflects your priorities by giving ‘The Double It Rule’ a try.

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