How to Set Up a Custom Audience on Facebook

There’s a new marketing term doing the rounds at the moment: ‘remarketing’.

Have you heard it? If not, listen up because it is pretty damn cool.

In its simplest form remarketing allows you to serve adverts to people who have already been on your website. Why is that worth doing? Well in the past, if these visitors didn’t act once on your website, you may have lost them forever, but now we can tease them back to us with the power of remarketing. It also allows us to serve ads to pre-qualified people who have some interest already in your product/service!

There are so many remarketing strategies you can deploy, but for now, this article is just going to show you exactly how to set this up with Facebook Advertising. (Note: a handful of other advertising platforms do allow you to do this too.)

Let’s get started…

What you’ll need: 

  • A website for which you want to track visitors
  • A Facebook Advertising Account (you can set one of those up for free at
  • The ability to add a tiny bit of ‘code’ to your website (don’t worry if you can’t do this, it won’t take your web designer very long as it is a really quick and easy thing to do)

Understanding how it works

How it works is really simple. Your Facebook Advertising account allows you to create what are called ‘custom audiences’. Each custom audience is a group of people that you can set your ads to appear in front of. There’s numerous ways to create a custom audience, but one way is through ‘Website Traffic’ – and so anybody who goes onto your website, then logs into Facebook will automatically be added to your ‘custom audience’

Even if you aren’t ready to advertise right now, this is really worth setting up now for future use, as you can keep people in your custom audience for 180 days. When you do come to advertise the last thing you want is an advert with nobody to show it too!

How to set it up

ACTION: Log into Facebook, and go to the Facebook Ads Manager (this option should be in the left hand column on your main Facebook Page)

ACTION: Along the top menu, select Tools > Audiences

Setting Up a Facebook Audience

ACTION: On this next page, select Create Audience > Custom Audience


Create a Custom Audience


ACTION: Then select ‘Website Traffic’

ACTION: Initially we want to capture “Anyone who visits your website”, so select that in the drop down…


ACTION: The maximum amount of days we can track people is 180 so change the number to that for now (for certain strategies, you may want to change that).

ACTION: Give your audience a name, and click “Create Audience”

Getting & Placing Your Pixel

This is where we get a tiny bit technical – but stick with us. If you can’t do this step yourself your web designer should be able to do it easily for you.

This whole thing works by placing your ‘pixel’ on your website. Your pixel is a tiny bit of code that tracks who has been on your website, and then adds them to your custom audience.

(It is important to note that for obvious privacy reasons you can’t get the names of people who have been on your site!)

ACTION: To get your pixel click the tick box next to your audience, and go to Actions > View Pixel.

Facebook Custom Audiences - Finding Your PIxel

This should bring up a window that has the ‘Pixel Code’ in it. Facebook will ask you to ‘Copy the code below and paste it between the < head > and < /head > in your website code’ as this puts the code in your website header and allows you to track people across the whole of your website (not just the page you put the pixel on).

ACTION: The last step is to put the code on your website. There are so many ways to create a website that telling you exactly how to do this would be unsafe and unwise, so you need to find out how to add on this code to your website. If you aren’t sure ask your web designer. If you have a standard WordPress website this isn’t a big job to do, so it shouldn’t cost you much if you do need to pay somebody to do this for you.

That’s it!

An easy and quick step by step guide on how to set up a custom audience on Facebook ready for remarketing Facebook Ads. Once you have all that set up your Custom Audience will start to get filled up with people who have been on your website, ready for you to use the impressive Facebook Advertising platform to engage and interact with even more people!

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