How To Write A Newsletter & Get More Sign Ups!

Struggling with how to write a newsletter?

Is it taking you too long to ‘do’ email marketing/newsletters? And are you getting enough sales from it?

In this video we share with you some quick changes you can make to quarter the amount of time spent on email newsletters AND quadruple their effectiveness.

Sound good?

👉 Watch our video to see how you can make doing newsletters more effective in a fraction of the time…


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In our latest video 👆we tackle a TRUE MARKETING STAPLE… the email newsletter.

Now, we have confessed our love for email marketing in the past, but there is one thing that we do not love about it… newsletters… or the traditional newsletter anyway.

Here’s the thing with newsletters… back in the day when it was novel to get an email from a company, we could rely on fancy design, tell people about Brian the new intern, and our new special offers and get away with it.

Now we’re marketing in a world where we all get a jazzillion emails a day, we’re communicating more on Messenger platforms, and if you’re anything like Andrew you have 1,814 unread emails 😲

Do email newsletters still have a place?

Well YES they do, but how to write a newsletter?!

There a few quick fixes you might need to make… 

Fix 1: Make it not look like marketing…

We know you’ve spent time on your fancy templates, and as 2 people who love sexy branding and design (one of us even had colour pallets on the walls as a teenager instead of Megan Fox) this hurts us… but scrap them.

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about how to write a newsletter is, if it looks like marketing, smells like marketing… it IS marketing.

Paraphrasing Ann Handley in her Keynote at Content Marketing World, she said, “People often forget about the second part of the word newsletter… it’s a letter!”

We’re a fan of simple, plain text, one person writing to another style newsletters 👍

Fix 2: Make them shorter

This goes against the grain a little bit as, especially in the marketing world, there is this theme of long story based emails – usually with an upsell at the end (more on that in a second).

But do people really have time for that? Do you have time to read those? We don’t.

Especially as more people are reading newsletters on their phones… you want short paragraphs, punchy language and no fluff.

Fix 3: Useful Content Only

What are you actually talking about?

A lot of people think newsletters should contain a bazzilion links to lots of different content – a joke, a tip, a riddle, a behind the scenes section… but again, that’s the old way of thinking.

These days your email newsletter should be integrated fully into your content strategy.

Whatever you’re creating content on to build your audience… send that to your list.

In fact, we are BIG FANS of sending just one piece of USEFUL content in your newsletter. Just One. That’s it… and we keep the sales emails completely separate.

You want people to get used to opening your emails, and you don’t want to train people to think that your emails are just for selling.

We got a tweet from Laura Lopez which said, “If there’s two things I do every day, it’s 1) I always click on any email from @AndrewAndPete and, 2) I will always watch their newest video. Love these two #marketing dudes.”

That’s what your aiming for… you want people to look forward to getting your emails and you only do that by sending content that is either useful or entertaining to them.

In fact, this is often easier to do. It used to take us maybe half a day a month to do email newsletters the old way.

Now it takes us 20 minutes a week (that’s an hour a month) to write and send a newsletter this way, and we’re getting in front of our audience more regularly 💪

Fix 4: Segment Your List (if you can)

This does not necessarily apply to everyone, but if you have multiple audiences then you need to segment your list so people get relevant content.

For example, we know The Membership Guys segment their emails based on whether you’re building a membership or growing a membership.

This is especially something to think about if you do have multiple avatars.

Fix 5: Give it a Name

We love this idea… your newsletter should be SO GOOD that is sounds like a product.

Just like The Friday Club by KPS Digital Marketing, Or The Daily 202 by The Washington Post, OR The Espresso by John Espirian.

The word Newsletter just sounds synonymous with slimy, boring, or salesy.

So, give it a name!! It makes subscribing sound WAYYYYY more exciting. We are on a mission to rid the world of these awful things!

Only crazy people fill those out… and you do not want a list full of crazy people 🤣

Want some inspo on how to write a newsletter?

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