How to Write Blogs Fast and Double your Traffic [TEMPLATE]

Wondering how to write blogs fast?

Does writing blogs take too much time?

Would you like to know how to do it in half the time?

If not 10x faster…

Without paying else to write it for you?!

In this weeks video we spill the beans on a super awesome hack to write your blogs posts (and anything else you write) in half the time!

👉 Watch this video to learn how to write blogs fast, lightning fast. Or scroll down if you prefer to read…


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How to Write Blogs Fast

We recently just found a hack to half the amount of time it takes us to write our blogs and our video scripts, if not more!

So if you’re thinking… I wish creating content was quicker, we’re going to show you our hack and it might be a little controversial, but we think you’re gunna love it.

Plus, stick around to the end where we’ll be giving you a template so that you don’t have to start with a blank page!

In our recent video all about your blogging strategy, we mapped out the 9 things you need to do for a successful blog.

In that video we learnt that the average word count of a ranking blog in google was close to 2,000 words, and that google typically favours longer form content.

But writing the actual blog is only step 2 of 9. which means you don’t want to focus all your marketing time on just writing a blog, and not promoting it!

Because that’s the important part!

So let’s dive right into those time saving tips to write blogs faster!

Now we’re going to be a little controversial here and suggest that you don’t actually write your blogs.

We don’t know about you, but we can speak much faster than we can type.

So what we do is actually use voice dictation to write our content, check it out, if you double press the ‘fn’ key on a mac or turn on your speech recognition on a PC, you can start to just talk and it will automatically write it up.

You can also do this on Google Docs a free cloud based word alternative, and we think this is more accurate.

This is us using our voice to type this sentence!

It might take a little bit of time to get used to and it will also require some editing no doubt, but editing a few typos and grammar is much quicker than typing.

To keep the flow and passion of writing however, try not to stop too much to edit, just keep going and get it all out!

Let it flow!

Just for fun, we’d love you to try this out RIGHT NOW in the comments, let us know what you think about using voice dictation and send us it in the comments 😀

Just double press the ‘fn’ key on a mac or turn on your speech recognition on a pc, give it a second and voice dictate to us a comment. (If it’s not working then maybe you need to turn it on in the settings, or just wait for it to load if you haven’t used it in a while).

Taking it Further

At this point we would even suggest having a writer / editor and a designer as part of your outsource team to actually take what you have dictated and turn into the final thing.

Remember you don’t have to do everything yourself. This is the key to how to write blogs fast.

How much is an hour of your time worth? If paid an editor to tidy up your blog, they could probably do a better job than you in half the time – how much could you charge for your own services in that time you save?

If your business model is right, the more you outsource, the more money you will make.

Another thing you can do if you don’t fancy using voice dictation is to use a transcription service, so you can record your voice on your phone, and send it off to get transcribed.

Content Breakdown Planner

Now one of the big things we do to write quicker is also have our blog ideas in a spreadsheet broken up into the different elements needed to just fill in and crack on.

That way – we don’t have a blank page to work with.

If you want this template, just click here and you can go get it.

If you’ve ever got to that point on your to-do-list which says ‘write blog’ and you’ve ended up staring at the screen for ages thinking what to write… this will help!!

This content planner will help you map out your content and break it down so that when it comes to writing your blog, video scripts or recording your podcasts – you can just hit the ground running.

Write your content faster & never have writers block again.