The Importance of Online Reviews

Have you heard of Facebook’s ‘Graph Search’? Essentially it’s like doing a Google search but its based on what your friends think. Google has extremely complicated algorithms to define what is the most relevant content, BUT Facebook has more information on what people ‘like’. So when you do a search on Facebook, you can see even more relevant results based on what your friends like and what they have positively reviewed. Google is trying to combat this new social elemental threat with Google + but enough of that, why is it important?

Well we have yet to meet anyone yet who hasn’t seen referrals as an important way of generating more business. Think about when you want something, what do you do, ask around your network or google it right? Let’s face it, we are more likely to buy something if our friends have told us too, It’s social proof, and it’s trusted.

Well the way things are going online reviews, word of mouth, is all the same. You will soon enough be able to search and find results depending on what your trusted friends review themselves.

The implications therefore for businesses, for YOU, are huge if you are not up to date online. Your online presence could very well diminish into nothing if it isn’t backed up by social proof. That means as many likes and shares and reviews as possible! The winners in this review revolution will be the ones killing it on social media, they will be the ones getting to the top of the search results, they will be seen as the most trustworthy ones… The will be the ones stealing your business.

People trust their friends, it’s a powerful thing word of mouth, and now it’s moved online.

So what can you do about it?

ACTION: Make a point of managing your social media presence. As search takes things to a new level, with Google and Facebook being the main drivers, perhaps these are platforms we should push?

ACTION: Incorporate asking clients for reviews part of your process when completing transactions. Encourage them and ask them as best you can. Remember if you don’t ask you won’t get.

ACTION: Be the best you can be, be ‘remarkable‘ – because now more than ever you need to be worth making a remark about!