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Improve your accountability

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs just like you, we’ve come to realise one huge barrier…


All the things that are going to have the biggest impact on your business are the hardest to do. 


For example, here's a list of the top 9 things holding entrepreneurs back:


- Not Niching

- Not Outsourcing

- Not Creating Content

- Not Focussing 

- Not Charging Enough

- Not Selling Enough

- Procrastinating

- Ineffective Websites

- Launching without an Audience


All these things require incredibly tough decisions with lot’s of consequences and unknowns… 


They are all new problems we've never been trained to do, and when things are new and unknown, they are inherently scary to do. 


And when we don’t particularly know/like what we have to do, we tend to procrastinate on doing it…


We get worried about whether it’s the right decision, whether people will laugh at you or hate you, whether it will fail… and sometimes it’s just so overwhelming to figure out that you just don’t know where to start… 


We procrastinate. 


We hold back.


We hide our heads in the sand.


And each time we do, we block off the opportunity to grow our business. 


And in doing so, we plateau. 


We ALL go through this, even the most successful people.

Overcome procrastination and become unstoppable

However the difference between the successful people and those not so successful is the ability to see those ‘blocks’, notice the procrastination, and smash through them despite it being the hard thing to do. 


And it is hard, the doubt does kick in… but it has to be overcome to grow the business.


How do those more successful people overcome their self doubts and breakthrough their procrastination and fears? 


Simple… External Motivators. 


Or as more commonly known, accountability. 


There’s three levels of external motivators:


  1. Making a Promise to someone you trust and whom you don’t want to let down


  1. Making a Public Statement that you’d be embarrassed at failing at


  1. Making a Financial Wager that you aren’t willing to lose.

They work on the principle that the fear of failing these motivations MUST be greater than the fear of not taking action on whatever you’re procrastinating on. 


If the risk of failing those three is greater, then you will always be able to overcome anything! 


And when you do, you will be on an unstoppable road to greatness. 


The good news is that you can manufacture these three external motivators for yourself. 


Imagine being able to put yourself into a situation where you can instantly overcome any barrier and tough decision in your way.


You would have NOTHING holding you back from success.


We hope by now you realise the importance of overcoming your procrastination. If you don’t, you will forever plateau in your business. 


But if you choose to get some accountability, then your success will literally become unstoppable.  


Accountability will dramatically improve your business and your income exponentially.


So over to you, how are you going to get your accountability?


Well, you need to use our ATOMIC Sprints. These are focused 2 week sprints where we conquer your procrastination and get stuff done together! 


We utilise all three layers of motivators to make sure that you hit your goals and we have a 100% success record based on hundreds of entrepreneurs doing this regularly. 


It's part of our Growth Plan ATOMIC membership, and for just £39/month you can get access to this to solve your procrastination problem once and for all.


This is categorically going to have a huge impact on your business, your income and your confidence.


It’s time to take control of your business and stop procrastinating on the things that will make you successful. 


Click here to join the ATOMIC Growth Plan, and get all the help you need, including dedicated training, accountability and direct access to 1:1 support and advice.


Let's do this!


Andrew and Pete

ATOMIC Founders

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