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Improve your focus

Simply put, focus is one of the biggest problems we see entrepreneurs come up against, but we're going to help you right now on this very page.


Without a solid focus on what's important and where you need to spend your efforts you can start to spread yourself too thin...


You may have an array of different offerings that you can provide, you may have many different ideal clients that you're trying to target, or you may have started multiple different businesses even.


If you're spread too thin trying to promote too many things, then you aren't going to grow very fast.


A more focused effort is better.


The world is tough enough and competition fierce, and if you're not focussed on providing one remarkable thing to one specific customer at a time then you are going to spread yourself too thin.


For example, if you have three main offerings that you provide... to get best results from any one of them, you will have to


  • Write and create a dedicated sales page
  • Create a sales funnel to sell it
  • Position yourself well
  • Work on creating an amazing customer experience
  • Provide customer care
  • Create workflows, and
  • Create content to attract the right customers.


Phew! That's a lot.




Having to do this for more than one offering at a time just gets messy and overwhelming.


It's impossible as an sole entrepreneur to do each one justice... but we guarantee there's someone else in the world who is.


Whenever it comes promoting yourself, building sales pages and running ads to sales funnels... you will have to ask yourself, 'for which service?'


This creates overwhelm, which leads to procrastination.


So, focus is EVERYTHING.


It will help you grow and make money faster, it will help you get better clientele, and it will help you reduce overwhelm.


We have more information on how to truly get an unshakeable focus, but for now we just want to start with the biggest problem, what is the most important thing you need to focus on right now?

The 90:10 Rule

Typically most of us are trying to do too much at any one time and to fix this, you should follow the 90:10 Rule.


The ‘90:10 Rule’ is one of the key principles we teach in ATOMIC that runs throughout every aspect of your business, content, sales, and dare we say, your life.


Acting on this will considerably cut the overwhelm, cut the to do list and help you have bigger results, faster.


What is the 90:10 Rule? Well essentially, the idea behind the rule is to spend 90% of your efforts just doing one thing remarkably well, and 10% experimenting and playing with other stuff.

90:10 rule graphic

What does this mean? It means that you will have way more success going ‘all in’ on say one social platform and creating remarkable content for it - rather than spreading your resources, time, effort and budget trying to grow lot’s of platforms simultaneously.


Rather than try to conquer SEO and Instagram, just do one.


The same goes for having more than one business, or multiple avatars, or having tonnes of different offerings. It’s much better to focus on creating one remarkable offering at a time. You will be able to focus and get 10x better results on it.


All the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses out there all got their success by first doing just one thing remarkably well.


It means that you don’t have to spin all the plates at once, and so it reduces your to-do list and overwhelm.


It doesn’t mean you just have to do one thing forever, but when you have that one thing nailed it processed and outsourced, you can move on to conquer the next thing. But just doing this one at a time will help you dramatically.


The key is figuring out what that one thing is - we’ll get to that in just a second.


You see, we all try to take on too much. And we believe that we’re doing good when we spread ourselves out. We feel like we’re casting our net so to speak… but really what we’re doing is diluting ourselves.

Casting one's net is merely diluting one's efforts.


Imagine it like building blocks of energy… we all have a certain amount don’t we, of time, budget, team resources. It’s not infinite.


Imagine if you got your 20 building blocks, or energy blocks, and stacked them up across all the areas of your business. In fact let’s just take one area of your business… marketing.


Let’s spread our efforts out.

90-10 Rule energy blocks-01


Ok now look how spread out our 20 blocks have got when we try to do everything.


And if we add in the line of remarkability to this graph we can see that nothing comes close… And this is the line you need to reach to get great results.

90-10 Rule energy blocks-10


All of a sudden when you look at it like this, you can see clearly that to reach the line of remarkability, you have to stop spreading yourself too thin and instead stack up your building blocks over less spinning plates.

90-10 Rule energy blocks-11


When you stack up the energy block, all of a sudden now you can see that by narrowing your focus, you’re more likely to get bigger results because you’re over the remarkability line.


By taking on less, you actually get bigger results, quicker.


And does this mean that you can’t ever do the other stuff?




Once you can start to rock just the one thing, you will be able to process it and outsource/delegate it and earn more building blocks so you can do more in time.


But for now, don’t spread yourself too thin, choose the 90:10 Rule.


Remember, this works across the board, not just marketing, it’s what services are you pushing, what business are you wanting to grow if you have multiple, it’s how many ideal clients you’re trying to serve.


To achieve more, you need to follow the 90;10 rule across the board and do one thing remarkably well at a time.


By stopping a lot of what’s on your to do list, you can be more effective and get bigger results.


So, what are you going to stop doing? And what’s going to be your 90%?

What's your one thing?

We hope by now you realise the importance of focus and the dramatic impact of choosing just one thing to focus on across each area of your business.


Having more focus now will dramatically improve your business and your income exponentially.


So over to you, what is going to be your focus?


To help you more we want to share with you our Focus Compass Model, which helps you to make this big decision based on data, rather than just gut instinct.


It's part of our Growth Plan ATOMIC membership, and for just £39/month you can get access to this to solve your focus problem once and for all.


This is categorically going to have a huge impact on your business, your income and your confidence.


It’s time to take control of your business and get an unshakeable focus towards your success. 


Click here to join the ATOMIC Growth Plan, and get all the help you need to fix your focus, including dedicated training, accountability and direct access to 1:1 support and advice.


Let's do this!


Andrew and Pete

ATOMIC Founders


ps. We have countless testimonials of members who have taken this training and within weeks, doubled or even quadrupled their income. It's powerful stuff!


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