Success predictor


What if we told you that in your last 6 months you have missed out on 6 years worth of progress.


Yes, we've created a system that, once implemented, helped us achieve more in 6 months than we'd achieved in the previous 6 years.


More on that in a minute…


The point is, not being as organised and effective with your days isn't funny. (And we're usually all about the fun!)


Not being organised is cumulative over time, it's costing you money and further success every single day.


Thankfully, now that you have done the ATOMIC Success Predictor assessment, you're aware of this issue and we're here to help you do something about it.


We have more information on how to truly get organised and effective, but right here now we just want to start with the biggest problem…


Why is Organisation the most important thing you need to focus on right now?


You're here on this page because you don't value being organised enough to be more organised.


If you did value it more, you would find time to be more organised and thus would have got a higher score in this area on the assessment.


So this is where we need to start.


If you want to grow faster in your business, you need to value Organisation.


The problem is often just simply in that moment when you are deciding what to do next, it's all too easy to ditch finding time to get organised and plan.


The overwhelm is high and you feel like you just need to crack on and do xyz urgent task.


You have a rough idea in your head of what your goals are and what you need to do, so you think you're all good.


Continuing on with what's on your to-do-list (or what's in your head) seems more important to you than re-addressing your plans and figuring out how to streamline your business.




You need to realise this is the exact moment you need to reorganise.


If you do not know exactly what the next 3 months look like, with your goals broken down into weekly and daily manageable time blocked tasks, if you don't spend more time working 'on' the business rather 'in' it, if you procrastinate all the time… you need to get more organised.


When overwhelm is high and you feel like you just need to crack on and do xyz urgent task. Stop.


Here's why, organisation will help you...


?      Realise what's urgent and not

?      See what needs to actually be done and what doesn't

?      Stop overwhelm

?      Reduce decision fatigue and indecisiveness

?      To get a routine and predictability in your life

?      To spend more time doing what you love

?      To spend more time with family & friends

?      Reduce your distractions

?      'Find' more time when you don't think you have it

?      See what's profitable

?      Set your prices

?      Prepare you for outsourcing

?      Feel better and have less stress & anxiety

?      Have more confidence

?      Provide a better service for your customers

?      Reach your goals and make more money faster


So yeh, it's important and this is why you have to value it enough to put in the time and work every day to be organised and stay on top of things.


We hope by now you realise the importance of Organisation for your business.


Having more Organisation now could dramatically improve your business and your income exponentially.


To help you more we want to share with you our Focus Hierarchy Model, which is part of our aptly named 'Organisation' training in our membership, ATOMIC.


You're going to learn how to reimagine time and organisation so that you feel clearer in your focus, have no distractions, have more time, and get rid of overwhelm.


This training ISN'T about using buzzword tools and hacks, this is a revolutionary new process to organising yourself that will streamline your business and enable you to achieve more in the next 6 months than the last 6 years.


Remember, how you spend your time will ultimately determine how successful you are, fact.


So let's get you spending your time wisely.


You can get this training as well as much more when you join our Growth Plan ATOMIC membership, for just £39/month.


This is categorically going to have a huge impact on your business, your income and your confidence.


It's time to take control of your business before you get too overwhelmed and stressed out.


Click here to join the ATOMIC Growth Plan, and get all the help you need to fix your organisation, including dedicated training, accountability and direct access to 1:1 support and advice.


Let's do this!


Andrew and Pete

ATOMIC Founders