Expert 60 minute masterclass + TEMPLATE

how to d.i.y. your own website

only £1 to take part

  • Does your website need a refresh and you want to know how to do it yourself?
  • Have you 'had a go' at designing your site yourself, but something just doesn't look or feel right about it?
  • Is your website out of date, and doesn't reflect what you do anymore?

watch this masterclass:


Watch right now and learn:

  • How to improve your website yourself on a small or non-existent budget.
  • How to display copy to ensure your visitors read, process and remember it.
  • How to add design elements to surprise and delight potential customers and turn them into buyers
  • + Plus grab your very own plug & play sales page wordpress template designed by Melissa!


Does the thought of someone checking out your website, make you squirm?


Solopreneurs are passionate about their businesses and often have a grand vision for how they want their website to look and feel. But when you DIY your own website, often the end result falls short and it can be nearly impossible to pinpoint what just isn’t working, without knowing the rules of composition, layout, typography and flow that professional web designers use.

In this masterclass Melissa will give you the tools and rules that professional website designers use to create a compelling website experience that makes your visitors fall in love at first click. That can be used across all web design platforms.

Melissa will give you practical actionable tips that you can implement right now to make immediate and impactful changes to your website, following simple guidelines that will change the way you think about designed marketing materials for your business both on and offline.

She will also show you the user-friendly tools and workflows she uses to build out beautiful responsive websites quickly.


Melissa Love

Melissa Love is a graphic designer and website developer who works with creative professionals to help them develop a strong brand presence and stand out in a crowded market.

Over her career she has built 100s of websites and sold 1000s of her own website themes.

She is passionate about affordable design for small businesses and founded The Design Space to help solopreneurs grow their businesses on and offline. Based in Cornwall, she is also a keen photographer.

how is this only £1!?
is there a catch?

This is an ATOMIC Members only masterclass, and you can get your first 30 days of ATOMIC membership for £1 to watch this masterclass (and more!)

However... we have a no-automatic subscription policy. So after your 30 days, you WILL NOT be charged anything else.


What happens after 30 days?

You will have 30 days to watch the masterclass.

After your 30 days you will be offered the chance to continue with your membership, if you wish. There's no hard sale, and your membership will be automatically cancelled if you don't go ahead.

If you do want to continue, ATOMIC is currently £595/year, but you can split that over a payment plan if you wish. We'll work with you to find a plan that suits your financial situation.


Am I a fully fledged ATOMIC member for 30 Days?

Yes, you'll get not only this masterclass, but all the training materials, and benefits of ATOMIC Membership for a full 30 days with no strings attached. You can read more about all of those here >.

BONUS at no extra charge

Do you struggle writing compelling copy for your website and specifically your sales pages?

Included for your £1 you can take our mini-course 'Sales Page Copy in a Day' - it's a guided course, where a professional copywriter (she's called Laura and she's lovely) will literally tell you what to write.


Plus grab your sales page wordpress template designed by melissa! at no extra cost!



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