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How to generate leads with Video Marketing

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  • Do you know you need to be doing more video marketing, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you not want to waste your time creating videos that don't lead to sales?
  • Do you feel like you don't have the right tech and tools to do video properly?

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Watch right now and learn:

  • The #1 mistake beginners make with video marketing
  • The video sales funnel - your best friend to creating videos that work!
  • The 3-step framework that you can use to take your audience from viewers to leads
  • How to create videos in under 15 minutes
  • The makings of an irresistible video ad and how can you create one
  • BONUS: Recommended templates that’ll allow you to hit the ground running!

Want to do video marketing well?


We all know how integral video has become to our marketing plans and strategies. Everyone’s either doing them already or are trying to get started with them. However, the one thing that seldom gets spoken about or addressed is how do we translate our videos into genuine leads that can eventually buy from us? How do we turn our audience into fans, and our fans into customers?

To give some much-needed clarity on this, we’re sitting down with Abhilash - growth lead at InVideo to show you how you can generate leads via video marketing in 2020!

Abhilash Hande

Abhilash Hande

Abhilash is a an experienced video marketing pro. He is currently Head of Growth for InVideo, which helps businesses create engaging videos for their marketing and sales, and is also the producer of the first of its kind marketing show - 'Just Between You and Me'.

He has an in-depth understanding of content-driven marketing, influencer marketing, and SAAS sales, and loves to help people leverage the power of video.

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