Just Google Me!

The first thing a prospective client does is check you out online, and unless given your exact link to click to get to your website, they will probably just Google you. We say ‘Google’ you and not ‘Search Online Using Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo’ because around 90% of all search is through Google.

So what do they get? Do this yourself now, Google your name/business name and see what you find.

Remember to use private browsing for this otherwise your results will be biased. Doing it in private browsing mode means that the results are what others will get when searching for you.

Ask yourself:
– Does your website even show up on the first page?
– Do your competitors show up higher than you?
– Do you appear on Google places?
– Do you have the correct business address?
– Do you have a Google my Business account?
– Do you have a Google + account indicated?
– Does your description of the website sound enticing enough to click?
– Do you have positive reviews showing?
– Do you dominate the home page with you (i.e. social media accounts, websites, press releases, index sites and so on)?

ACTION: If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions then do something about it!!

It’s so simple yet so many people just don’t look or don’t do anything about it. This is important stuff that can make or break a potential sale. What’s more is that the more you work on this kind of stuff, the better your SEO in general.